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Love the articles as always. Keep up the good work!
Vintage unleashed sounds like sooooo much fun. After reading this and listening to the serious vintage podcast I want to start brewing and playing the insanity.

One question: Is there a reason that Cling to Dust is not in the 2019-2020 cards overview? I see it in almost every doomsday deck and it's from this year of I'm not mistaken.

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Sorry if this is hijacking, but I had a question about the U30 format.

@grandpabelcher said in Casual Vintage Formats:

Theory behind this is that it's tutors; the best, oldest fast mana; and unconditional, cheap draw-7s. This includes all of the P9, for tradition's sake.

So here's what's unrestricted:

To me this seems strange. Tinker is both a tutor and fast mana, checking 2 of the restriction boxes. Why is it unrestricted?

As a side note, I feel that Imperial Seal would be a better unrestriction. Has that been considered?

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I don't believe that changing the rules or the cards is a great option, unless the rules changes are good enough on theor own and their effect on companions is incidental.

Another option to deal with the power level, if restriction doesn't work, is unrestriction of competitive options that do not work together with the companions, such as necropotence for Lurrus and Gush for the singleton companion (as examples, I don't want to start a b&r discussion here).

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@grizzly said in Vintage 101: Back in a Flash:

A thought on the challenge review. You seem to pick always the same decks more or less.
While it makes sense, when the tops don't differ from one another, it would be interesting to highlight the unusual among those, like the Painter deck this week, or the Breach Oath deck, when it first appeared.
I think these lists would be much more interesting to look at instead of the standardized lists that change one or two cards at most every week.
Anyway, thanks for managing a vintage column!

Actually, I really like seeing the top lists. As I actually play very little, it helps cement the ideas and choices that are succesful. In addition, someone who is new to vintage can just open the latest acticle and see the recent lists, instead of having to do more research themselves. I think there is value in having such a resource available and updated regularly.

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Great show as always.

In your report card Steven asked for a similar card to stonecoil serpent for shops, and I was surprised that Endless One didn't come up. Although it is Eldrazi only, I think it is the most recent comparable card, utilizing the scaling ability for early and late deployment. It is also the baseline X/X for X that Steven asked for I believe.

About Underworld Breach, I really like the card, but I think you hyped up eachother too kuch. There us a lot of competition in the U-based Xerox variants for graveyard resources, and this uses up at least 6 if you want more than a regrowth. Between Snapcaster, Arcanist and the delve spells, I think there is too much competition for this resource to just slot in that easily.
Then again, I like the card, so maybe it diversifies this slot (or takes over). I am really curious about this card in the future and look forward to your nextvreport card to see the actual adoption rate.

Keep up the great work!

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Cute versus ballista blowouts.

I really like the card, and I can see it as troublesome for multiple archetypes. But in the end, I think that it is too situational for it to see any regular play.

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I like how this stops your opponent from pumping their own mishra's factories.

Just throwing that out there. I don't believe it will be enough to see vintage play.

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Awesome! I still have the feed in my podcast player, hoping you'd be back, bringing that casual seriousness. Can't wait to find time to listen to this one :).

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Great podcast as always! Thanks for continuing to put in all this work.

I learned something today! I always thought Shaman's Trance was the same as this card. Ultimately I think that cards that depend on your opponent's deck are too inconsistent for regular play.

The one scenario I missed in your analysis was against storm combo, where you can make mana from their graveyard much more easy and have more of an opportunity to chain these meaningfully. Then again, to get in such a situation probably means you win anyway.

I love that this card exists because it will create a few fun stories. Don't think it eill become a staple.

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Great episode!
What I liked about it most was that it was much more a conversation or discussion, than an interview. This, to me, is the biggest improvement, as I prefer to listen to a back and forth between people and opinions.

One question I had is about when you talked about going through older cards to search for a specific effect. How do you do this? Do you keep a list somewhere with potentially interesting cards for vintage? Or from memory, or something else (like starting with Alpha and re-reading each card until Core19 ;))