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You also play it for 0 to kill Bridges, so that's cool too.

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Just to add to the "black layer last" point, legit magic cards appear to go through a 2-pass process (at least), where the four CMYK printing plates come down first, including black (K) to make a process 4-color black, and then rules text comes down on the black plate by itself during a second pass.

The counterfeits run everything at once, including the text, which is why when viewed through a loop, you can often see the dot pattern on the rules text: it's a 4-color process black. It's probably also why the text appear thicker. There's also a dot pattern on the black border, which is a dead dead giveaway.

This latter point makes me think wotc (or I guess Cartemundi) has a 3-pass process, where somewhere along the line they print the border as a spot color.

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@Islandswamp said in April 24th, 2017 Banned and Restricted update: GUSH AND PROBE/TOP in Legacy:

Finally I can take that gush oath deck apart...

It's funny, I have a small proxied-up "vintage gauntlet" I keep around for fun/testing, and I'm realizing virtually every single deck runs bunches of Probes and Gushes. Should have been a sign hahah

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I've had mixed success maindecking Sol Ring and Mana Crypt. Sometimes you get a hand with a Crypt and a Null Rod, and feel like a silly goose. But sometimes you need a t1 Thought-Knot Seer and the mana rocks do the heavy lifting there.

I've also toyed around with Mockery of Nature in place of the World Breaker, works ok if you're saccing a Matter Reshaper for the Emerge cost, and still KOs Moat on cast. Other times, it can sit in your hand (but that happens plenty with World Break anyway, it seems for me). I also run ESGs, and desperately want the modo promos in paper foil haha

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@Aaron-Patten said:

I like the idea of running Mishra's Workshops, 9 spheres plus chalice, and more Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth.

Remember Thiim's mono-B Shops Depths deck? Could that be adapted to a Lands build? I like the idea of running resistors, but no clue what one would cut from his list.

For reference: