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It hits cage, Pithing needle, relic, the new alpine moon as others have said. Hmmm... I mean, you blue mages can't ALWAYS have MM up, can you? haha

I guess I'd still want something like Nature's Claim in my dredge sb rather than this. Doesn't hurt to test it though!

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I've had mixed success maindecking Sol Ring and Mana Crypt. Sometimes you get a hand with a Crypt and a Null Rod, and feel like a silly goose. But sometimes you need a t1 Thought-Knot Seer and the mana rocks do the heavy lifting there.

I've also toyed around with Mockery of Nature in place of the World Breaker, works ok if you're saccing a Matter Reshaper for the Emerge cost, and still KOs Moat on cast. Other times, it can sit in your hand (but that happens plenty with World Break anyway, it seems for me). I also run ESGs, and desperately want the modo promos in paper foil haha

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I'm gonna leave extra early to try and make this one, Water Gap vacation travelers be damned!!!

(If I get there too early, I'm gonna just chill at the Totally Twisted Pretzel. Get my lemonade on.)

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Will be attending, and I'll have my binder of many (homemade) playtest foils.

I think they're pretty neat-o, and everyone I play will get one! (also people who smile at me, or compliment my eyes)

New additions include Moat, Time Vault, Lion's Eye Diamond, probably something else I can't remember... haha

And I recently finished my painting of City of Traitors, so I put that on a card too. Hope to see folks there and throw down!

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What would be the worst-case scenario for unrestricting Fastbond? My imagination tells me that at the very least we'd get a playable Vintage Lands deck, but I'm also not much of a Vintage brewer so there may be consequences I'm not seeing. Does an unrestricted Fastbond fall into that sweet spot Steve is talking about with regards to a deck that speeds up the format, but doesn't lead to a deck that can consistently win on Turn 1?

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@kameli0n Had to abort, traffic snafu at the water gap put my eta out of reach, basically a parking lot. Already turned around. I'll leave early for the next event haha

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Hey Shawn, I'm gonna try to make this event on time but eta is probably gonna be after 12:30. Just a heads up, and thanks

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@Brass-Man said in [HOU] Tragic Lesson:

That means that IF this card is playable, it HAS to be in a deck that uses "bounce a land" as upside, rather than a drawback. I wouldn't look at this card with anything that didn't have an explicit plan around that.

Vintage... Lands? (I'm... Ron Burgundy?)

I know there's a thread somewhere on tmd for a Lands deck, so maybe this spell fits there. Probably still needs a Fastbond unrestriction, but hey it's something!