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I am interested in the art and sheet as well.

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@hyperborea said:

Does anybody have any clue where the art for Fork is currently residing?

If it's an Alpha, that site will let you know if the piece is at least known to exist in someone's collection. Fork is currently MIA.

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There was a thread like this on the old boards so I thought I would start one here. Post your want list here!

There are only 2 pieces of art I am currently in the market for and cannot find.

Jester's Cap (Ice Age)
Island (Christopher Moeller, Ravnica)

Jester's Cap is elusive to say the least (probably lost forever).

The Moeller Island is for a little project I am working on. I am attempting to pull together all 5 of his basics from Ravnica. In just under a month, I have already managed to acquire the Forest, Swamp, and Mountain. I know who has the Plains, but no one seems to remember seeing the Island anywhere. I have talked to Chris and his agent and neither knows its whereabouts. Any help locating it would be appreciated even if you know it's not currently for sale!