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I am a professional poker player, coach, and author of 10 best-selling poker books. I post a weekly educational poker blog at jonathanlittlepoker.com. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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Thanks for these. Fwiw, the winning decklist seems to have 64 cards.

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Well done, Rich! I have been playing this deck a decent amount (I watch all Rich's streams) and I have had great success with the deck as well. I made top 8 of this same power 9 event with the same deck with a few changed sideboard cards. Rich beat me in the 4-1 round that got him in the top 8 and I got in on tiebreakers. My others losses were both to white Eldrazi.

The deck seems to have great matchups versus all other expected decks. Creatures plus mana denial seem to give this deck a lot of trouble, but that makes sense because the deck is tuned to beat combo, not creatures.

Thanks for all the great work!

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18 players. I managed to 4-0 with the deck from this thread:

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I had a great time. Thanks for running these events!

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Thanks for the feedback @ChubbyRain. Analysis like yours will certainly help me get better.

In game 1 I didn't even see the line of discarding the Grudge. I was apparently too concerned about killing 2 artifacts.

In game 2 I completely forgot that I could Claim my Sylvan. I need to figure out how to see all the possible options!

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Deck List

I have been having great results with this deck recently, going 4-0 in a paper event in NYC, 3-1 in a MTGO daily, and 12-4 in "casual" games on mtgo. My only loss in the daily was to Montolio, and the games were very close.

You can watch the deck review here (please let me know what you think about my questionable plays!):

Game 1 vs Montolio here: https://youtu.be/Pjz1mMQFzDQ

Game 2 vs Montolio here: https://youtu.be/UkNd4Ofv0Mk

I think this deck is very well positioned at the moment. It has Stony Silence for the Paradoxical Outcome decks and Ancient Grudge for the Workshops. It is a bit bigger than most Blue decks, which I think helps. Really, it doesn't seem to have any obvious weakness, besides perhaps Landstill. I am thinking that a Mountain in the sideboard may make more sense than a Plains. I would love any ideas to help continue helping this archetype improve.

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I can also confirm that this deck is amazingly strong. I am far from a great player and got back into Vintage mainly due to Rich Shay's/LSV's twitch and the VSL. I have gone at least 2-2 in every MTGO event I have played (roughly 20) and 3-1/4-0 more than my fair share of the time with this deck.

It is worth mentioning that in the past I used 3 or 4 Preordain and changed to be closer to this build recently with no problems. I was surprised that the deck stayed somewhat consistent, but trading Preordain for more business/Jace seems to not be such a bad idea.

As I currently see it, this deck has problems with Thing in the Ice and Eldrazi. I imagine adding up to 4 Swords in the 75 should help with this issue. That is likely what I will try in my next event.