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I like this deck, and based on our conversations the day of the event, I'd think about these small alterations if I was tuning my own version:

  1. Dropping the 4 Stonecoil Serpent, and adding more mana or interaction in those slots. The full suite of Deathrite Shaman seems very useful to me, for both triggering Vengevine as well as hardcasting stuff, should the game go a few turns, or as another tangential tool against Dredge and graveyard-centric decks.
  2. Anther option could be more off-color Moxen, to help more reliably power out the first turn Thalia or Collector Ouphe draw, which could help greatly when you know what deck you'e up against.
  3. 2-3 Lavinia would be another interesting choice, and could potentially be swapped in some of the floating slots. This would also keep the creature count up (for Vengevine triggering purposes).
  4. I think more graveyard hate is necessary in the sideboard against Dredge (likely the 4th Leyline of the Void, and maybe 1 more card).

How relevant was Thorn of Amethyst in your experience? It seems incredibly powerful in theory, but I'm wondering if you had time to cast it on curve, and if it proved worth the slot.

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It seems like a handful of people "want a different feeling" for the format they grew up on, and time has passed them by as new, exciting, and powerful printings have changed the format. This isn't much different than those who grew up on ABU and then saw the printings of Urza's block and then Mirrodin block radically reshape the format (adjusted for those eras). The thing unique about Vintage is that it is specifically dedicated to be the eternal resting home for the hideous design mistakes of Magic past and present, even if we seek some semblance of balance every now and then. It is supposed to be wild and ever-changing.

If you are looking for a different feeling, I don't really recommend ditching Vintage per se, but also take a look at diving in to some of the other retro formats out there that people are playing. I have been playing a good amount of Middle School, and there are other formats like PreModern or HyperExtended that are similar (also unpowered and much cheaper than Vintage and Legacy). If you are searching for something that is akin to 2000-2003 era Vintage, there is also a format known as Classic that you might find fun (1993-2003, pre-Mirrodin, fully powered). There is no shortage of player created throwback formats out there to capture a different nostalgia, and they are fun to mix in to your arsenal so nothing ever gets stale.

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European Vintage Champs 2019 Coverage, Decklists, and Results

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There's not much coverage of this out there (especially in English), so we put this together for you, along with a bunch of sweet pictures. Enjoy.

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4Seasons Winter 2019 Vintage Coverage and Results

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There's not much coverage of the 4Seasons tournament (in Italy) out there, so we formatted the T8 decklists for publication for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

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@wiley said in North America Vintage Champs 2019 Coverage, Decklists, and Results:

Top 8 list locations from the pdf in alphabetical order:

Brennen, Joe - p.24
Coval, Brian - p.57
Eberhart, Ryan - p.77
Franks, Justin - p.96
Hockey, Brian - p.134
Kieth, Jody - p.148
Pinter, Jeremy - p.219
Schatteman, Boston - p.241

Huge thanks to Jaco and team for getting these put up like this. Already saw a lot of neat and interesting decks rolling through this, and I liked the artwork on brassman's sheet

EDIT: 1st place unpowered list (Humfleet, Patrick) is on p.137

Just updated the page for a section for the actual Top 8 lists, typed out on the web page. Will add a separate post for Top 8 Unpowered decks sometime later this week/weekend. Legacy Champs, Modern Champs, and Old School coverage on the way as well.

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Full coverage, results, and all decklists from North America Vintage Champs 2019 can now be found on EC here:

alt text

If you have a report you’d like to submit, an unlisted/missing decklist, photos from the event (please!), or any other data, please email Thanks for reading!

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Full coverage in English, including corrected Top 16 decklists, Top 8 playoff bracket, video feature matches, and more is now live on EC here:

alt text

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@nybaseb2 said in N.Y.S.E. Open VI - 7/20/19 - Long Island, New York:

Will decklists be posted anywhere??

This was an amazing event!! (My first NYSE, taking 14th with Pitch Dredge) Its unfortunate to hear they won't be happening moving forward.

Full coverage (including all decklists, metagame report, photos, and more) can be found here:

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NYSE Open 6 Coverage and Results, including ALL decklists, metagame breakdown, video embed, and massive photo report.

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Once again, a massive thank you to @Prospero for organizing everything and creating such a great experience for the community to get together.