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His mind whirled with grand plans, never thinking of what might happen if he were to succeed.

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I've been playing since high school ('99), and really only played casually (multiplayer, cube, commander, etc.) until recently when a LGS opened up in town. I've recently dipped my toes into Modern and Pauper there. I love all formats, but I've really been eyeing Vintage for like 10 years. I've been gradually acquiring Vintage playables for the past several years, and have finally got a deck together. Now I'm looking for any Vintage tourney within 4 or 5 hours driving distance... Texas is a big state.

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Hello TMD! I've been a long-time lurker and recently "finished" building my Vintage deck, so now I'm on the hunt for any Vintage tourneys in Texas. Love Vintage and am excited to do battle!

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I'm very interested in looking for the art for Izzet Guildmage by Jim Murray. It would be "that one piece" that would make me so happy. I messaged him on FB but am doubtful that he will respond because it looks like he doesn't do much on FB. If anyone has any leads or helpful suggestions let me know.