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Our new Vintage Champion!

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MKM Tournament in Prague, Czech Republic: Playing mono-U Belcher versus... UG Belcher (the one with the leylines, land grant and the timetwister that end the turn).
Game 3, I am able to go off first, deal 16 damage to my opp before finding the Academy...end turn, opp goes off, dealing me 18 damages before revealing his academy 🙂 won next turn

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Palinchron Spirit Guide
2U - Spirit

Remove Palinchron Spirit Guide in your hand from the game: Add U to your mana pool.

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I would personally feel very proud to have the painting in my living room, much more than any prize can offer.

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Kill them before they can gush*

*Offer subject to terms, conditions and availabilities

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No vintage...sealed instead...BoM is dead

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Didn't see the massive spike before today, is there a specific reason?



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@yugular Hey, there is no day's undoing in my BOM16 Blue Belcher and the leylines are in my sideboard 🙂