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I guested on this awesome Eternal podcast yesterday! We talked about Vintage the entire time! Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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@mike-noble how dare you make me login to TMD 😛

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@nba84 Personally I dont think they are any slower than DPS.

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@brass-man the problem is these decks REALLY need moxen even off color ones to deploy their hate cards on turn 1

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@desolutionist you have to run hot no matter what you play atm do to the nature of these must answer threats that have been printed post WAR.

PO is in a better spot Post London than it was before but still not as good a spot as it was pre Narset/Karn/Ouphe/FoV

I think there is some iterating left to do here to maximize its potential

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Vintage Challenge 2nd Place with Jeskai Lavinia Paradoxical Outcome

R1: No Show 💙
R2: Storm PO 💙💔 💙
R3: Karn Shops 💔💔
R4: Dredge 💔💙💙
R5: Oath 💙💔💙
R6: Dredge 💔💙💙
Top8: Jeskai 💙💙
Top4: RUG Wrenn 💙💔💙
Finals: Karn Shops 💔💙💔

Videos Link

Decklist Link

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Does it really count if all the wins are against me 😛

Nice write up ggs.

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Current League VODS:

Blue PO 9/24/18
Blue PO 9/27/18
PO Storm 9/30/18
Blue PO 9/30/18
Bomberman PO 10/2/18
Blue PO 10/8/18 (1)
Blue PO 10/8/18 (2)
Cunning Paradox 10/9/18
Cunning Paradox 10/11/18
Leovold PO 10/15/18
Blue PO 10/15/18
Ravager Shops 11/12/18
Ravager Shops 11/12/18
Bomberman Gifts 11/12/18
Grixis Painter 11/16/18
Humans 11/16/18
Brian Kelly Grixis 11/17/18
Niv Mizzet 11/19/18
Niv Mizzet (2) 11/19/18
Niv Mizzet 11/21/18
Blue PO 11/23/18
Experimental Frenzy 11/23/18
Humans 11/24/18
Shops 11/25/18
Green PO 11/29/18
UB Yuriko 12/6/18
Shops 12/10/18
UR Xerox 12/10/18
Menendian Jeskai 12/17/18
Esper PO 12/20/18
Remora PO 12/26/18
Erayo Robots 12/29/18
Remora PO 12/31/18
Erayo Robots 1/4/19
12 Pillar Red 1/4/19
Bomberman PO 1/16/19
Welder 1/22/19
Welder 2/2/19
Teshar l00psShops 2/4/19
Teshar l00psShops 2/7/19
GitRog 2/14/19
Cerebral Assassin 2/14/19
Cerebral Assassin 2/20/19
5c Humans 2/20/19
POxElrdazi 2/25/19
Bomberman (3/5/19)
Saheeli Humans (3/8/19)
Remora PO (3/8/19)
BUG Yuriko (3/13/19)
Eldrazi x PO (3/16/19)
BUG Yuriko (3/16/19)
Esper PO (3/17/19)
Jeskai PO (3/20/19)
Cerebral Assassin (3/20/19)
Food Chain Goblins (3/24/19)
Jeskai Ascendancy (3/24/19)
Esper PO (3/26/19)
Esper PO (3/29/19)
Leylines (4/1/19)
Sylvan Outcome (4/4/19)
Enchantress (1) (4/6/19)
Enchantress (2) (4/6/19)
Enchantress (4/7/19)
Enchantress (Wish) (4/7/19)
London Mulligan Draw 7 PO (4/15/19)
London Mulligan Draw 7 PO (4/18/19)
Enchantress (Wish) (4/22/19)
Jeskai Narset (4/27/19)
Bolas DPS (4/27/19)
Citadel Welder (5/4/19)
Sneaky Boar Brew (5/9/19)
Karn x Narset (5/12/19)
Karn PO (5/13/19)
Karn PO (5/17/19)
UW Cards (5/22/19)
Karn PO (5/22/19)
Karn PO (5/31/19)
Urza Test (6/8/19)
Urza x Karn (6/8/19)
Urza x Karn (6/10/19)
Urza x Karn (6/14/19)
Wrenn RUG (6/19/19)
RUG & Six (6/24/19)
Urza x Karn (6/24/19)
Lavinia PO (7/12/19)
Storm PO (7/12/19)
Yuriko (8/8/19)
Esper PO (8/8/19)
4c Snow Pile (8/24/19)
Freebird! (9/5/19)
4c PO (9/12/19)
Gifts Storm (9/15/19)
Throwback 2018 PO (League 100) (9/15/19)
Bluebird (9/20/19)

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Any other writer would have taken the two interviews and made it the whole article. I was astonished to see how much content you managed to fit in there. Well done.

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Wow this is an incredible compilation of data. Thank you for putting this together!

Also thank you @Smmenen for tagging me or I would have missed this!

I'll have to dig into this once I get home and can utilize my monitor setup.

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@chubbyrain Worth noting since Matt brought up my example. Crypts and Cage are more much powerful for Paraodoxical Outcome then say leyline because they all contribute to your decks main gameplan of bouncing colorless low cost permanents.

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Join us for the first ELD Vintage Open at ELD's Time Vault Games! 15 proxies allowed.

Every ELD Opens features:

  • Fabulous Guaranteed Prizes
  • 100% Of Entry Fees Given Out To Players
  • One of A Kind Bonuses FOR ALL PLAYERS! (not from prize pool)
  • A Unique Custom Playmat For Our Champion! (in addition to the 100% payout!)

Format: Vintage
Entry: $30
When: February 23rd – doors open at 10 am | event begins at noon.
Where: 15 North Main Street Suite B-4 Bellingham, MA
Prizes: 100% of all entries will be given out as prizes.

Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8

Excited to see a paper Vintage series near me. I've enjoyed ELD events in the past and hope for a bright future at his new store.

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To address your initial questions.

You can join practice room and direct challenges that cost 0$. And you can play solitare mode by yourself to learn the controls.

You can play these matches as long as you want before maybe moving onto leagues.

Leagues are 10$ and you can play 5 matches at your leisure.

The best value are challenges. These happen on Saturdays. You will play 6 rounds and 3-3 will get you your money back and better than that will be +value.

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MTGO is the cutting edge of competitive Vintage. You will get the opportunity to play versus the newest metagame and great players. In a single challenge alone you can play versus multiple vintage world champions, VSL stars and MTGO grinders. MTGO is the best practice you can get playing Vintage outside of a small test group of similaily high level players. MTGO Vintage metagame is not held back by huge prices for paper cards. You can and will have access to switch decks at will as the metagame itterates week to week.

If you have any questions feel free to message me or stop by my stream and I will answer them live.


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Thepowernine's PO storm with no vault key is better versus the best deck online atm UR Xerox.

Tinker version is playable but better versus a different metagame.