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@chubbyrain Worth noting since Matt brought up my example. Crypts and Cage are more much powerful for Paraodoxical Outcome then say leyline because they all contribute to your decks main gameplan of bouncing colorless low cost permanents.

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Join us for the first ELD Vintage Open at ELD's Time Vault Games! 15 proxies allowed.

Every ELD Opens features:

Fabulous Guaranteed Prizes
100% Of Entry Fees Given Out To Players
One of A Kind Bonuses FOR ALL PLAYERS! (not from prize pool)
A Unique Custom Playmat For Our Champion! (in addition to the 100% payout!)

Format: Vintage
Entry: $30
When: February 23rd – doors open at 10 am | event begins at noon.
Prizes: 100% of all entries will be given out as prizes.

Swiss rounds with a cut to top 8

Excited to see a paper Vintage series near me. I've enjoyed ELD events in the past and hope for a bright future at his new store.

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Just uploaded the 15th Vintage Challenge VOD to this list.

Thanks everyone!

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To address your initial questions.

You can join practice room and direct challenges that cost 0$. And you can play solitare mode by yourself to learn the controls.

You can play these matches as long as you want before maybe moving onto leagues.

Leagues are 10$ and you can play 5 matches at your leisure.

The best value are challenges. These happen on Saturdays. You will play 6 rounds and 3-3 will get you your money back and better than that will be +value.

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MTGO is the cutting edge of competitive Vintage. You will get the opportunity to play versus the newest metagame and great players. In a single challenge alone you can play versus multiple vintage world champions, VSL stars and MTGO grinders. MTGO is the best practice you can get playing Vintage outside of a small test group of similaily high level players. MTGO Vintage metagame is not held back by huge prices for paper cards. You can and will have access to switch decks at will as the metagame itterates week to week.

If you have any questions feel free to message me or stop by my stream and I will answer them live.


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Thepowernine's PO storm with no vault key is better versus the best deck online atm UR Xerox.

Tinker version is playable but better versus a different metagame.

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Thanks for the shout out and the articles this year.

If any commenter has PO questions I'll be happy to answer them as well.

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@gutocmtt excited to see it. I always tout you and hitogoroshi as the two best survival players online. Looking forward to the stream.

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Pretty sure there are better cards that can do that affect. Karn is at its best when its ticking down.

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I've posted about this just about everywhere but I can not stress how much I love this announcement. I know that I am in the minority as a Vintage player striving for the Pro Tour but this change perfectly fits my goals for Magic. I cant wait sink more time into Vintage and not feel like I am sacrificing to much time on my goal of making the PT. HYPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE