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Does anybody have ideas on using Fastbond with Smokestack? I think BG Stax could be cool in reinforcing the weakness of mono brown stax, but not quite sure how to go about it.

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Could any of you kindly share an actual Survival list you've been using in this new meta?

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Narset should've been restricted. Not every deck can jam enough planeswalker removal to keep up with decks that use 3-4x Narset, especially with the miserable new Teferi. Narset is also just awful to play against, regardless of how 'easy' it is to remove it for some decks.

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If MM is restricted, would you guys keep a single MM in aggro-control decks, or none at all? I feel like there are cards that I'd want to run at least two, or none at all, and I'm not sure where MM stands.

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@vaughnbros If we mess too much with manabases (e.g. restricting island type dual lands as you suggest) we'll end up with janky decks that I don't imagine very many people would enjoy playing. The reason we have the B&R list is to promote good quality gameplay.

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Good stuff. I think the quality of games would improve further if we restrict Narset and Karn, in addition to the proposed changes. Narset is boring to play against. Karn is boring to play, and play against.

I remember seeing Sharazad in an old school list and wondering why it's still banned in vintage, when there are so many other cards in the format that require a long time to do their thing. Chaos Orb, using Eternal Central rules, would also be unbanned if it were up to me.

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@blindtherapy How so? Card says "artifacts and enchantments your opponents control."