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@Protoaddict Zirda is 3/3, so unless you have double sudden shock I’m not sure that plan is going to be sufficient.

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@Thewhitedragon69 You've discovered my win condition! I have 4x Spawnsire of Ulamog main, and I fetch Emrakul, Ulamog, and Kozilek from the side with its ability. And in case I can't pass the turn (for example, if I double pact and won't have mana to pay next turn,) I also have Forerunner of Slaughter. For 1 colorless, I can give each of the Eldrazi haste, which would end the game immediately.

edit: Also, does containment priest stop Zirda as you noted? You are casting it from your sideboard, which circumvents Containment Priest's ability. Unless, of course, I am interpreting the interaction incorrectly.

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@Thewhitedragon69 Thanks for the catch on Defense Grid, my mind blanked!

I think I want to maintain a theme of colorless permanents, so I may test Hope of Ghirapur. I'm also currently testing some version of Ugin (Spirit Dragon, Ineffible.)

My deck may not end up being super competitive, but it certainly is fun (and fast, and consistent.)

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Hi, I'm the old Horologium, now Horologium0 because I could not recover my password. In any case....

I'm building a variant of the monolith/Zirda deck, using Pact of Negation and Defense grid as protection. The wincon is...something special so I don't want to spoil now. Someone probably has already discovered the same wincon though, so I'm just being shifty I suppose.

And I agree with @Protoaddict, 4 Paradoxical doesn't feel right. I'm currently testing 3, but may even slim to 2. My colors are currently UWb. As @Thewhitedragon69 pointed out, not much can stop the combo once it's assembled. There are a few niche cases, notably a Force of Vigor targeting Grim Monolith while the untap activation is on the stack. Untapping costs a reduced 2, but it only taps for 3, so you wouldn't have enough to activate the untap while Force is resolving. This case assumes I have no grid in play and no pact in hand. This case does not apply to Basalt Monolith, however, because it only costs a reduced 1 to untap, so you can activate again if targeting for Force of Vigor.

I'll keep iterating on my list and will post once something less amorphous is developed. I haven't been this thrilled for a combo enabler in a long time.