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Fringe playable in Oath?

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I've had a look at untap.in before. It seemed very messy, but maybe it deserves another look. 🙂 My handle is "hardy".

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@thewhitedragon69 Cool! That's like 4-6pm here in Norway. Might work once in a while, but it's usually family time before my kid goes to bed. I'll make sure to check if you're online when I have the time to escape everyday life!

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Sorry if this is necroing. Is anyone still using cockatrice? Would be sweet to get some games in once in a while. My handle is "hardy".

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@joshuabrooks I like it. I've toyed with the idea of a Vintagy format only allowing old boarder sets but with a higher power level than middleschool/premodern/hyperextended.

I play a couple of different casual formats that have grown to be become quite popular. The key to succeed in creating a community is to start small and grow it organically. You don't need buy-in. Build it and they will come. Or not. 🙂

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Do you hate it out with Grafdigger's Cage? Maybe end step Hurkyll's Recall?

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Destroy any number of target planeswalkers.

Maybe this goes without saying, but 0 is a number. 🙂

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@smmenen Good read! Very cool with a tool that can measure diversity. Seeing is believing.

My only critique of your article would be that it wasn't immediately obvious that you flipped the index. You wrote

Recall that a higher value indicates a more balanced and more diverse metagame, and a lower number indicates a less balanced and less diverse metagame, with .99 being a nearly perfectly balanced and diverse metagame with a plethora of viable decks, and a value closer to 0 being a metagame dominated basically by a single deck.

But for that sentence to make sense, you would have to have read the endnote as you make no mention above of why this changed.