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Destroy any number of target planeswalkers.

Maybe this goes without saying, but 0 is a number. 🙂

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@smmenen Good read! Very cool with a tool that can measure diversity. Seeing is believing.

My only critique of your article would be that it wasn't immediately obvious that you flipped the index. You wrote

Recall that a higher value indicates a more balanced and more diverse metagame, and a lower number indicates a less balanced and less diverse metagame, with .99 being a nearly perfectly balanced and diverse metagame with a plethora of viable decks, and a value closer to 0 being a metagame dominated basically by a single deck.

But for that sentence to make sense, you would have to have read the endnote as you make no mention above of why this changed.

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You're not cutting a creature in the matchups you bring in Gisela or the dragon. That feels incorrect. I think Muldrotha's out vs. shops and Xerox.

I would probably cut an Island vs. at least dredge.

Maybe @brianpk80 can answer this better, but I think you can cut a number of oaths in the PO matchup.

Depending on the flavour of dredge, I think you can cut 0-2 FoW.

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Copying a Rune-Scarred Demon might have some value. Or something you stole with Dack.

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@forceofnature I saw this and decided to dust of my math skills.

F(n): Number of copy effects after nth Bonus Round.

  • F(0) = 0
  • F(1) = 1
  • F(2) = 1 + 1 + 1 = 3
  • F(n) = 1 + F(n-1) + F(n-1) = 1 + 2*F(n-1)

Everytime you play BR you get

  • one extra copy effect for the spell: 1
  • one extra copy effect for every previous one: F(n-1)
  • all the previous ones: F(n-1)

Which is a really complicated way of saying playing an instant or sorcery after the nth Bonus Round will put it's effect on the stack 2^n times.

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How will Yawgmoth's Bargain or Necropotence affect Sagas? Is it literally "after your draw step" or is that a shorthand for "beginning of your pre-combat main phase"?

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@chase_dagger It's to accentuate alpha corners. Plus a lot of people use black sleeves, and accidental theft of your opponents creatures (because Animate Dead) is a real thing. Especially when you've had a couple of beers. A third reason is that beat up edges look more crisp.

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This is my pile of oldschool cardboard. Still got some white bordered eye sores, but I'm slowly getting there. The Volcanics are altered unlimited. Bought them from a drunk friend because I was drunk.


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I ran into an interesting pile with Bazaars and Squee, Goblin Nabob a couple of months ago. I think the rest of the deck might have been Goblin Welders and gearhulks.

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