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Played a list with 3 OuaT, it felt pretty good. Honestly, before it the deck wasn't feeling good anymore. I had cut a Fow and 2 ouphe for it and the deck felt way more explosive.

I don't know about cutting survival without extra ajustment. OuaT may find bazaar, but if you rely too much on finding bazaar with it to be in the game, you're not in a favorable spot. Sometimes survival isn't great, but it's still the must-counter threat in fair matchups as it's always been.

Btw, how did sphynx perform? I felt OuaT gave the deck a lot of explosiveness, maybe your result was good more because of that change?

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I've seen a lot of Pioneer videos. I was trying to get the feeling of the format. And I think I got it. Unfortunately it's not a good feeling. Didn't see any fun and excitement in none of the videos.

I think the problem is that it's still too close to standard. And standard is boring as hell.

And also, even though it's a brand new format, it doesn't seem new. Actually it's not brand new. Modern was new. Modern 2.0 is a format that is born kinda old.

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Yeah, but the rental service costs about 13% of the rented cards value per month (taking what I saw from cardhoarder). 15% if you consider buying always from one bot is expensive. If you want to play for 7 months you are way better off not selling out to rent.

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It's not worth it selling out and using rental, you will literally just lose money. Unless you want to try different decks every week.

It will probably take a lot of time until arena end up having all the cards pool. And I don't think they will shut down mtgo until there. They know there are A LOT of people that play different formats than standard and limited that would rather play anything else than waste time playing standard. I don't think arena needs the player base from mtgo. And honestly I think the 'profit per capita' of mtgo is bigger than arena's.

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I don't think I ever side out all my forces. Sometimes against dredge I side out some because of the hate overloading we need to win that matchup. Other than that, there are some matchups where flusterstorm comes out such as the mirror and shops (where I usually take out misstep though sometimes it's good for cage, sol ring and fow pitching).

There are some matchups where the green force is better obviously. But in those, fow isn't much worse, sometimes you just have to be patient with what to counter. It's a good feeling tô be in a commanding position and let some good spell which still doesn't take the game out of control resolve just to later counter a game-changing one with the counter you saved.

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It depends a lot. Usually I want to use it to resolve my survival. If the battlefield is full, a PW is a pretty good target, if your hand is slow sometimes you can't beat an arcanist and the recalls are never bad targets for it either. With Leo to help getting an advantage and some flusterstorms (I play 2), summer veil and misstep you can change gears according to the situation.

The best results I get are with blue-heavy lists, as I can get slow them down and protect myself instead of having ouphe and FoV. I mean, I still have some of them in the deck, they just don't make it to games 2 and 3.

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I've played both approaches, fow and deafening silence. Silence seems better against combo, but having fow increases by a lot our blue matchup. Played the playoffs with BUG survival and got 4-2 (9th place -.-) , fow helped a lot more than FoV would have.

Seems like there are less combo out there and I don't think it's worth playing white for it. 4 Leovolds between maindeck and sb seemed pretty good too. Too much blue out there, and with fow leo is a house.

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Or in response to a wasteland on one of the pieces (a.k.a. bait). Or in response to bolt on the hexmage. Or in their own turn if they fear the opponent hitting a wasteland more than bounce/sacrifice. But in any of those situations, they aren't really relevant to determine if this is a playable card.

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This card seems good for burn strategies in general. Against a deck with creatures if you have like eidolon and your opponent has a goyf or Leovold or whatever you can enable a lot of damage with it, for 1 mana. Not sure about how consistently good it would be for other strategies though. Stealing to sack effects is probably where it would be in other strategies.

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Being an artifact makes it kinda sketchy. This was supposed to kill walkers, not get stolen by them. Other than that, a 5/4 flying for UU would be awesome. Goyf is already good with no evasion.

All this supposing it was djinn of beatdown. The original one doesn't feel right.

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Sorry, I meant good permanent hate cards. Tormod crypt is ok and grafdigger's cage is awesome. It's like a grafdigger's cage for decks that cast lots of non-creature spells. And that's a pretty huge deal IMO, because storm and other decks had the advantage of constantly being faster than hate, being able to go off before they landed or having to respond to less cards because their opponents weren't able to deploy them fast enough.

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There are 2 things I find peculiar about this one. It's a 1 mana enchantment that shuts down combo until answered. It makes your opponent's counterspells useless against it to protect their hate destruction spells.

I mean, if your opponent has nature's claim or vapor snag and 2 pyroblasts, they can't destroy it if you have like spell Pierce and fow. It's a hate card that protects itself for 1 mana.

Besides of course force of vigor which is uncounterable in this scenario (more than abrupt decay has been since veil), but how many combo decks that get rekt by it play FoV?

But really, good hate cards are usually 2 mana or more. Effects similar to this one were available at 3+ mana, unless I'm forgetting something.

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If it means anything, force of vigor on this card on the turn it comes in is uncounterable. Unless your opponent is playing also counterbalance. Which means... it's uncounterable.

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One mana for this? Seriously? Wow

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This card is great. 2 mana for this effect alone is too much for vintage, it'd be good for 1 mana. But being free as the first spell obviously changes things, so...

As a survival player I can see myself wanting some copies of it, specially in builds with maindeck force of vigor. If it's not in your first hand you will either have the mana to play it or bazaar to 'cycle' it. We have several kinds of cards between lands and creatures, and we can have at least like 4 different approaches with our first hands:

-fast bazaar with VV+rootwalue and hollow
-survival with or without manarock/dork
-playing out hatebears
-'ramping' into 4-mana 4/3 haste (yeah, it happens and depending on the situation it's not bad).
-blind bazaar hands (only lands and irrelevant spells, trying to get lucky)

In all of those situations there are good, mediocre and bad cards for the situation. Cards that are great in some of those are bad in others. But this free turn 1 spell can grab cards that go into any of those situations. If you have it turn 1 it may be better than vengevine or even bazaar.

It's a mix of redundancy and filtering.

I don't think I'd run 4, maybe not now (having 2-4 of these in your openning hand would be bad). I can easily see myself playing 2 copies of this.

I don't know about other decks, I get the world isn't about survival (not of the fittest at least), but I'm just showing a case where this card WILL be good.

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And it's a giant beater that dies to bolt.

You mean like Precrusor Golem? Which I played against like 10 times last weekend...

Yeah, like precursor golem. But nothing like precursor golem. The comparison was with dumb beaters (more precisely 'why I would play it instead of Traxos'), which isn't the case about precursor golem as it's more like a 3 in 1 creature, which ironically also dies to bolt. 3 thoughness with no evasion seems bad. We see tons of creatures like that being released in every edition in green colors usually, and with every edition we see they getting bigger and cheaper and also not seeing relevant competitive play.

I never played Traxos' version of shops, but when I played against Traxos it was always a problem if I didn't have a win in 1 or 2 turns with survival. If instead it was this creature that dies to any of the 3 creatures without passing any extra damage to my face I'd be really happy. It's maybe a good card against creatureless combo decks.

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And it's a giant beater that dies to bolt.

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To me it's more about how busted the deck is. If the deck has a 14% metagame share with other decks having to pack 7-10 dedicated slots to play against it, it's clearly warping the metagame. Dredge is the deck we kinda get used to waste 6 sideboard slots. Pre-ban the sideboard had to be 12-14 slots for dredge and artifact.

About the 'island' comment, you should compare island to wastes. When we see a land with 'tap to add UUU. Use this mana only to cast instant or sorcery spells' it will make sense. Mishra's workshop has made a lot of cards get restricted so that it doesn't need to, and that's a pretty loud fact.

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@wfain It's just flood, ignore it.

I played a little bit the last days and apparently DRS is having some trouble being alive. I also feel like Lavinia was great in it's first tests and even though I love the BUG versions I think a bant base is better ATM. I played bant without force (actually it was just a variant of the first versions of the deck, before all this new editions fuzz). Maybe it would be better with blue force instead of going for green force. I know the trend right now is 'FORCE OF VIGOR RULEZ' but in this combo/blue meta I'm missing force of will A LOT. And even though force of vigor has it's moments, I feel like FoW is more reliable in helping us win the games. I may be wrong as I didn't play more than 3 or 4 leagues but that's how I feel the meta right now.

BTW, I feel like flusterstorm is kinda where we want to be on instead of pyroblast. As stated before, it's hard to run any combination of Lavinia, Leovold and Pyroblast due to manabase issues. That's a shame, because without misstep pyroblast is a house right now, but with FoW maybe flusterstorm can have a similar role. And Veil of Summer is a ridiculous card but people are very aware of it. It's hard to use it as a cryptic command reliablely, mainly when we are not the deck who has to be stopped, but the deck who has to stop another (a.k.a. the 'weaker combo'). Pyroblast or flusterstorm have to have a room in the deck. And for those who have it, maybe even force of negation as FoWs 5+.

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I've never had good experiences with real 4c survival manabases. And by that I mean the 4th color isn't just a sb splash for some cards that win on it's own. By that I mean white splash for containment priest. I tried some times but it has always been bad.