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It looks a lot like hanChoBai's turbo vengevines decks. They look like but are very different than survival. This one has mana, emry, recall and timewalk (and serpent?) to cast with mana. I wonder if those cards are worth not going manaless.

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Seems more reliable than lab man, as if it gets killed you still win the game, rather than losing (which would be the case with kill lab man in response to drawing with no cards).

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I think you'd have to have some way to get extra value by sacrificing this or something without being clunky. Otherwise, painful truths seems better.

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@mergalf it depends on what you are trying to accomplish (aka your list). Can you post it?

Btw, please refer to bazaar as bazaar, we actually had dark confidant in some lists, so it gets a bit confusing.

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Played a list with 3 OuaT, it felt pretty good. Honestly, before it the deck wasn't feeling good anymore. I had cut a Fow and 2 ouphe for it and the deck felt way more explosive.

I don't know about cutting survival without extra ajustment. OuaT may find bazaar, but if you rely too much on finding bazaar with it to be in the game, you're not in a favorable spot. Sometimes survival isn't great, but it's still the must-counter threat in fair matchups as it's always been.

Btw, how did sphynx perform? I felt OuaT gave the deck a lot of explosiveness, maybe your result was good more because of that change?

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I've seen a lot of Pioneer videos. I was trying to get the feeling of the format. And I think I got it. Unfortunately it's not a good feeling. Didn't see any fun and excitement in none of the videos.

I think the problem is that it's still too close to standard. And standard is boring as hell.

And also, even though it's a brand new format, it doesn't seem new. Actually it's not brand new. Modern was new. Modern 2.0 is a format that is born kinda old.

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Yeah, but the rental service costs about 13% of the rented cards value per month (taking what I saw from cardhoarder). 15% if you consider buying always from one bot is expensive. If you want to play for 7 months you are way better off not selling out to rent.

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It's not worth it selling out and using rental, you will literally just lose money. Unless you want to try different decks every week.

It will probably take a lot of time until arena end up having all the cards pool. And I don't think they will shut down mtgo until there. They know there are A LOT of people that play different formats than standard and limited that would rather play anything else than waste time playing standard. I don't think arena needs the player base from mtgo. And honestly I think the 'profit per capita' of mtgo is bigger than arena's.

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I don't think I ever side out all my forces. Sometimes against dredge I side out some because of the hate overloading we need to win that matchup. Other than that, there are some matchups where flusterstorm comes out such as the mirror and shops (where I usually take out misstep though sometimes it's good for cage, sol ring and fow pitching).

There are some matchups where the green force is better obviously. But in those, fow isn't much worse, sometimes you just have to be patient with what to counter. It's a good feeling tô be in a commanding position and let some good spell which still doesn't take the game out of control resolve just to later counter a game-changing one with the counter you saved.

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It depends a lot. Usually I want to use it to resolve my survival. If the battlefield is full, a PW is a pretty good target, if your hand is slow sometimes you can't beat an arcanist and the recalls are never bad targets for it either. With Leo to help getting an advantage and some flusterstorms (I play 2), summer veil and misstep you can change gears according to the situation.

The best results I get are with blue-heavy lists, as I can get slow them down and protect myself instead of having ouphe and FoV. I mean, I still have some of them in the deck, they just don't make it to games 2 and 3.