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I would like the ability to stop following threads I've already looked at and decided were not interesting. I am currently getting 'unread' notifications on all threads and going to each thread to clear the notifications. I feel like as the site becomes more heavily used this will be harder and harder to do, and that unread notification will stop meaning anything. I would like to simply have a button that says "turn off notifications for this thread".

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alt text + alt text + alt text = profit?

Name the deck: Dogs and frogs.

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I have a bunch of facebook groups linked on my thread on MTG salvation. Many of the facebook groups are full of people trying to move old school cards, but I know I would appreciate more discussion of the format in the groups I follow and the one I admin.

@Lysandros said:

Second this, an old school sub-forum would be awesome. Also, has anyone else expanded to 95 yet? While I love the nostalgia of 93-94, the game play is fantastic in 95.

Eternal Central has a banned list for 95, but I don't see as much discussion about it anywhere. edit: there a new Facebook group for this as well called "Magic 95-96 (Not as old-school as old-school)".

Here are the links and resources I've compiled. If you know any I'm missing please let me know:

Talk about Old School Magic on Facebook:

Buy and sell Old School on Facebook

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Can we keep this discussion on the topic of how to identify these? Personally I'd like to see them all burn in a fire. If you want a nice proxy there are some awesome options out there that aren't illegal.

The two I mentioned earlier just in case you didn't feel like clicking my links:

This is an individually hand painted Time Walk from the original artist that painted Time Walk. It's $25 on ebay right now. It has a normal Magic back because it was painted directly on a blanked Magic card.
alt text

These are a set of 9 proxies for less than $30 (for the entire set) that you can buy from β€ŽMark Aronowitz. You can find him if you search Facebook. They are a limited series of only 500 and are numbered on the back.
alt text

These have way more pimp factor than fakes, and you don't have to order from some shady asshole in China.

If you don't like these, then commission someone to make you some.

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You should pick up a jeweler's loupe which will allow you to look at the printing pattern on real cards. Once you look at real cards under magnification you'll get familiar with the types of pattern that these cards have. Some key points, the border, and all text should be crisp and solid black, and should not have the printing dots that the rest of the card will have. Many fakes lack clarity in the set symbol and text. There's a fairly recent guide on PucaTrade that points out some of these things. I've also seen pictures of fakes that have the rosette pattern on the white border which should never happen.

You can also get an LED flashlight (I picked one up at the dollar tree) or use the LED light on your phone to see the density of the card stock and tell if it looks right. Some fakes are printed on the wrong type of card stock, and rebacked collector's edition cards are usually too thick/dark. Again compare to another real card from the same set.

Some people go as far as to use a digital scale. I have never done this, and don't have any tips for you on the correct weight. A loupe and a flashlight should help you buy and trade with more confidence. There's also a black light test. Note that alternate 4th edition will fail the black light test.

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Seems interesting with life from the loam, probably a fun commander.

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I would like to add to this discussion without getting too involved with whether or not it's 'right' to block a person.

I just want to say that I would like two features here:

  1. The ability to stop following threads I've already looked at and decided were not interesting. I am currently going to each thread to clear the notifications. I feel like as the site becomes more heavily used this will be harder and harder to do, and that unread notification will stop meaning anything.

  2. I would like the ability to block specific users from sending direct communication (PMs). I know there's a way to restrict PMs to only people you follow or something like that, but that is too restrictive. Just refusing to talk to one user for whatever reason should be my choice. This feature should not hide that person's messages on the board from me, but keeping them from sending 'private' messages limits direct harassment as comments from a person that is abusive are forced to be public.

I would also like to point out that I have no intention to just start blocking people, but I feel like this is a basic feature that should to be available to those who need it.

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Channel Fireball is trying to jump into the format by creating their own banned list and legal sets list. They're allowing both Fallen Empires and the book promos.

You can now pre-register for Eternal Central's next old school event.

I thought these were both interesting enough to justify a bump.

Also, it has it's own thread, but there was a nice write up on the history of the deck.

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@SamwiseKimchi said:

@Lodestone Where is the downvote button. =(

What is this? Facebook?

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@Brass-Man said:

@joshuabrooks I totally agree that the unread screen is a little overzealous, but I want to keep discussion of blocking users and stopping unread notifications in different threads, so people can vote and comment on them differently (they're very different concepts)

can you make a new thread for the "unread" part of this idea?

I just did that.

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@Brass-Man said:

I've never really liked welder in this sort of deck - that said I honestly haven't played much with it. In my list, there's no weldable Tinker target, so there aren't too many exciting plays with the card.

Activate Grindstone holding priority, weld in painter's servant... That's an exciting play right?

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@Dayton said:

@Solomoxen but it is a giant frog eating a dude. Which makes it awesome!

Chub Toad 2.0

alt text

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First off, thanks for sharing. That sub is quite alarming, but seeing the pictures of the new fakes and knowing what is out there is an important step in protecting yourself.

Please when you scan your demonic tutors, also do a light test for me on both and upload some pictures.

Personally I think that the light test is not completely devoid of value. It should not be your only test, but it not only allows you to spot bad fakes, but also the pattern of what I am going to call the glue layer (blue or black in fakes) is different on really old cards. I'll try to get pictures of this. I don't have access to fakes, but I can show you what I mean with a modern card vs an old card. I assume that all fakes are using modern card stock, and thus will have the modern pattern. I would like to confirm that by seeing what your DT looks like.

Also the pictures I've seen of power from that sub look like they still have flaws. It's hard to tell at the resolution they post, but again, comparing side by side with a real card under magnification should show if this is correct. The text looks real crisp on them though, and that is scary. Personally I think they will have the hardest time replicating the older cards, but what you're telling me seems to indicate the opposite of that, and I'd like to see good ways to test if you can demonstrate them.

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I believe this is part of why there was a clarification between the term "proxy" and "play test card" a little while back. The Chinese counterfeiters are using the term proxy. Fake cards like these obviously violate copyright laws. Play test cards (islands with things drawn on them) generally do not.

If anyone is looking for really nice play test cards, check out the Wayne England prints that Mark Aronowitz has or commission an artist to draw something for you. Amy Weber makes some nice affordable time walks.

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I started playing Magic by buying boosters of Revised back in 1994. There was only one shop in town that sold Magic, and I was in Middle School. My parents hated taking me anywhere, and I didn't have much money as a kid, so I didn't get out to buy much of it. Probably half of my revised packs came from friends and birthdays.

I remember I traded aggressively to get some of the original elder dragons and oddly I got in trouble for having money when I sold those dragons. My parents made some stupid comment like "You can get a Super Nintendo when you save up the money to buy it yourself." I went in my room, grabbed a wad of cash, came out and said "Ok, let's go". I didn't get a SNES that day... but I learned my parents don't always mean what they say.

I also know that I had several Unlimited cards before I even knew the difference between Unlimited and Revised, but the best one was a Stasis. I quit for a while after I opened a card with Phasing, but I came back. (Doesn't everyone?).

I still have fond memories of learning to play with cards like Kird Ape, Sol Ring and Wheel of Fortune, and I don't like formats that don't let me use the broken fair and balanced cards like Balance. Legacy is interesting but weird, EDH is ok, but 93/94 and Vintage are awesome.

I've only owned a couple pieces of power in paper, and I sold them to pay bills. I've also bought and sold dual lands at prices that would make modern players cry. I have a Chaos Orb though. πŸ™‚

I've been playing on MTGO for about a year. The only reason I play is that it makes vintage more accessible. I've managed to collect the 5 moxes on magic online somehow without putting tons of money into it, but I have a long way to go. I still play this game for the fun of it, and because of that I often play bad decks, but I have a good time.

edit: This wasn't intended to be a reply to any specific person, yet I can't get rid of the @ sorry.

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@Smmenen I started playing in Revised, and I remember when Ice Age was released. I was just playing casually with friends, but I remember a lot of people being hyped about Jester's Mask and Deflection. Nothing like that had really existed before. At that time no one I knew excluded any sets of the past when playing, so if someone had moxes, they played them. I also remember playing for ante back then, but the best card I can remember winning was a regrowth, and I've blacked out all my losses.

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@Twiedel said:

@Smmenen Thanks for pointing this out to a silly non-native speaker that feels pretty embarassed right now... and is amazed that you have an idiom that is refering to hobgoblins. πŸ˜‰

I also had no idea what he was talking about. Today I learned (after a quick Google search) it seems to be a reference to/paraphrasing of Emerson .

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I agree. I play with CE when I play old school. I only play it casually though. I've yet to travel to play in one of these organized events, but they are on the list of allowed sets for Eternal Central events.

Also, just look how beautiful they are.

alt text

I would love to go to the old school event Eternal weekend. It's not that far, and I have a friend I could stay with, but the old school event is on a Thursday, and that means I'd have to take multiple days off work to attend. πŸ˜•

edit: cropped image.

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@snowydude said:

how many effects draw both players cards? can we make stuff like vision skeins good?

Misdirect their Ancestral to yourself and draw 4?

Why would they even be attempting an Ancestral with this guy out?

Word of Command