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A Metal Slime draws near!

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If you're playing show and tell in the side, why not Ancient tomb in the main?

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@p3temangus I don't think you need Puresteel for this. I think Puresteel is his own deck. That said if you want to go super janky, maybe Ashnod's Altar helps.

Tolarian Academy certainly goes a long way to making mana for skullclamping or paying for more tokens though. (In magical Christmas land). 😄

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Animation Module

Artifact 1

Whenever one or more +1/+1 counters are placed on a permanent you control, you may pay 1. If you do you create a 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature token.

3, t: Choose a counter on target permanent or player. Give that permanent or player another counter of that kind.

Animation Module

Is this thing good with Steel Overseer? Ravager? Hangarback? Or is this just a 'win more' card.

With Ravager you sac an artifact to get a counter, pay 1 to make an artifact, which you can then sac to get a counter...

With Steel overseer, each turn you have one more artifact that gets counters, so you can pay 1 more mana and make even more creatures.

Seems good with Disciple of the Vault and skullclamp too right?

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I like the idea. I've tried a few all in decks myself. They usually aren't good, but can be very fun. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Even with Puresteel (which I don't see in the list) your deck is closer to Cheerios than to Eggs. If you want to win turn 1, go ALL IN. Get rid of the tangle wires, add Force of Will instead if you think you have enough blue cards, but also you need Sol Ring and Mana Vault somewhere in here as they are essentially colorless rituals, and they get you closer to casting thoughtcasts for U.

A single key + vault seems pretty ambitious with no tutors. If you want to get this online, even a Tinker would help. Tinker would also let you run Jar as another or even a better draw 7 (than time twister).

A deck this all in on Puresteel could also get away with running serum powder. Most of your draws are crap without him anyway.

Consider putting your grapeshot into the sideboard and run 4x burning wish instead. This will allow you to use your wish board as a place to slot in answers to the hate cards that have been brought up in this thread. You need more reliable red mana though, swap your tundras for 5 color lands... Gemstone mine, Mana Confluence, city of brass, there are some good ones. You want to win fast , so your life total really doesn't matter.

Count your lands again, you have thoughtcasts listed in the land spot.

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I have rolled over the life counter on MTGO using Myr and Tomb of the Spirit Dragon... in tribal wars... but not Vintage. Just a thought though.

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@Stormanimagus said:

@enderfall said:

@snowydude said:

how many effects draw both players cards? can we make stuff like vision skeins good?

Misdirect their Ancestral to yourself and draw 4?

Why would they even be attempting an Ancestral with this guy out?

Word of Command

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Well of lost Dreams? Paradoxical Outcome and a bunch of zero drops? There has to be something FUN you can do with this... right?

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It turns on reflecting pool. If that counts for anything.

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It's an excuse to try to build with Scuttling Doom Engine. You know you want to. It's a shame that it is a sorcery.

alt text

Also doesn't seem terrible with Trike or a Tangle Wire that has zero counters, except that it would be really hard to cast in those decks.

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I agree. I play with CE when I play old school. I only play it casually though. I've yet to travel to play in one of these organized events, but they are on the list of allowed sets for Eternal Central events.

Also, just look how beautiful they are.

alt text

I would love to go to the old school event Eternal weekend. It's not that far, and I have a friend I could stay with, but the old school event is on a Thursday, and that means I'd have to take multiple days off work to attend. 😕

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