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I have been given an opportunity to trade away my Bazaars (and other things) to get a playset of Workshops so I am going to go for it and start playing the deck (both in paper and on MTGO)

I’ve never played the archetype before so where would you folks recommend I start?

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Spurred on by my friends, I bought into MTGO and are going to concentrate on playing Vintage Lands since I own pretty much all the pieces in paper from having played RG Lands in legacy (and owning a set of Unlimited Power and Bazaars)

Here are the first two videos of me playing it really badly using Frank Siegal's winning list from TSI Steveland.

I'll keep posting videos as I record myself playing through a bunch of leagues.

I am happy to accept advice and criticism since the goal is always to get better.

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sadly nods his head and slides Laboratory Maniac back into his binder

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I am a big fan of Laboratory Maniac. I have a signed copy of the card and a signed print hanging on the wall in my office.

If you had to play the card, what deck is the best home for it in your opinion?

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Hello friends. As I get set for Eternal Weekend, I was looking with some guidance on sideboarding for Paradoxical Outcome. My list is at

The issue I am struggling with is that I think I have a firm grip on what to bring in for specific match-ups but are unsure as to what I should take out. I am also unsure of what is a good strategy for facing other Outcome decks.

I have played different versions of Outcome in a small number of paper events so I am familiar with how the deck should be played.

Here are my initial thoughts:

Dredge and Survival

+4 Tormod’s Crypt
+2 Grafdigger’s Cage

+3 Hurkyl’s Recall
+2 Island

Oath and Thieves
+4 Flusterstorm
+2 Grafdigger’s Cage

Outcome mirrors

+4 Flusterstorm

+2 Islands
+4 Flusterstorm

Non-Outcome Storm
+4 Flusterstorm

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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I will be there was well, driving down from the snowy wilds of Canada on the 31st and leaving on the 5th. I am playing in both main events (Some flavour of Paradoxical Outcome in Vintage and RG Lands in Legacy)

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Following up to our conversation on Twitter, would definitely like some sideboarding strategy advice. I've been trying out both Librarian Oath (shoutout to Ben Perry) and a Burning Paradoxical Oath list that Jason Jaco played.

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@ajfirecracker Thanks for the info. After reading @vaughnbros articles elsewhere on the archetype, I am getting that feeling that there is a core and then plenty of space to try out things depending on what decks you think you will face.

Great to see people on here talking about Dredge.

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Thanks to everyone for some advice. I'm on Dredge for Eternal Weekend and also know I need real-world games to understand what to do against various decks.

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Later this summer I am finishing my playset of Bazaars and planning on playing Dredge in cardboard (and likely MTGO). I found a store planning on running Vintage every other week (100% proxies allowed)

I wanted to get some thoughts here on where Dredge sits in the metagame. I will have the ability to play "traditional" Dredge or Pitch Dredge (with or without the Dark Depths transformational sideboard)