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Hey everyone!
I've been an on and off reader for quite some time on TMD and now I'm writing here for the first time!
Since the restriction of the white devil as some might call it, I've been searching for a new pet deck to play and this one might be finally the deck and I wanted to share it. So without further ado:

The list started a while ago when our meta was somewhat Landstill/Shops infested. I didn't have much time lately to play much, so the deck did not evolve that much.

While it is capable of comboing off, like other Outcome decks by just nutdrawing Outcomes into Outcomes, double time walking and beating the opponent to death with elementals while wasting their lands, this deck can grind pretty hard aswell against other control decks, until one finds the spot to "combo off".
The list originally played Ruric Thar, the Unbowed or Inferno Titan instead of Titania, but she seems to play well with the wasteland effects. She's currently getting tested, so the switch back to the other anti combo/creature beaters might be possible. In that case the original list was running a Mystic Remora over the second Wasteland.
Daze has been surprisingly great for me as a one off, and the Liquimetal Coating can help randomly destroy permanents or mindcontrol them. This plays well into our manadenial strategy.
Overall this deck is super sweet and fun to play, especially when you get to sweep a MUD's board in a match, the next round you land a turn 1 Ruric vs combo and finally outgrind a landstill pilot.


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I love that card! Futuresight-esque effects have always been one of my favorites, and this one can be tinkered for. Definitely going to try to make that work in a stormy shell.

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Personally, I wouldn't have started without proxies. I dipped into Vintage with Cockatrice from time to time without actually knowing the format, and when I heard that the local league used proxies I gave it a try, and now it's my favorite format.
I started because of proxies and stayed for the format. How would anyone even get into Vintage without proxies?
I'm a poor student and can't even afford duals right now, but I'm fortunate enough to live in a country where it's relatively easy to eventually buy into power. And I will. Because it has something special to it.

Owning power is and should be something to look up to. Be it because you spent a good chunck of your salary or because you're in possession of these cards since 1993.
Playing Magic (read Vintage) should be available for everyone. Just like everyone could proxy up a standard deck and have fun with their friends.
Sanctioned events are another story though. That NBA analogy was on point. Nobody forces you to play sanctioned events.

Until I get my Beta Power, I'll jam my altered Zendikar Basics as Power. After all proxies should look beautiful.

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Here's the top 8. Notably Brian Coval again in it, and six PO's.
Edit: Four other players making both Legacy and Vintage Top8.

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A thought on the challenge review. You seem to pick always the same decks more or less.
While it makes sense, when the tops don't differ from one another, it would be interesting to highlight the unusual among those, like the Painter deck this week, or the Breach Oath deck, when it first appeared.
I think these lists would be much more interesting to look at instead of the standardized lists that change one or two cards at most every week.
Anyway, thanks for managing a vintage column!

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I somehow get the feeling that you want to beat the shops nut draw. In your examples you always talk about 2+ spheres and 2+ wastelands. So either you need to land your full jewelery on turn 1, so you can actually cast something on turn 2, or you play something that gets by all the spheres, namely ee for 2, which conveniently kills most of their threats aswell.
Other than that, I really don't see how any deck can beats the shops nut draw, since you never have access to any mana at all, except dredge or force of wills on the first turn.

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@hardy Hey! My name on Cockatrice is Grizzly. I'm from the same time zone (switzerland). So hit me up when you're online!

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A little sidenote on Fastbond. A friend of mine and I jammed some games with it and it just seems stupid. Of course those were just a couple of games of combo mirrors, but Fastbond just seems plain stupid in a High Tide shell. I side on the "Misstep should've stayed unrestricted."

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I will always love the old days of Gifts Ungiven for some Welder shenanigans, but I must say I have not started to brew with Welder yet.
There are two directions I planned to brew with. First the aforementioned Control Slaver and secondly a SCVesque list with all the draw7s (chainings Memory Jars is just love) and a bunch of Fastbonds (as I still firmly believe the future of Fastbond lies in a turn 1 kill deck).

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@desolutionist I've toyed with DPS and Defense Grid is still an attractive option imo. Misstep just got "upgraded" into more versatile counters, so you're less likely to resolve a game endling bomb as opposed to just getting your rituals stepped. And the most common line of winning though a citadel is obliterated with FoV.
I'd hedge against both disruption angles and keep some numbers of Grids in the main and side. I'm not sure what number is correct though or if it's even really just replaceable with discard 5-7(?).
And Lavinia is not a good argument in PO's favor as it can't realistically win through an active Lavinia.

I haven't played against many PO decks since the restrictions, but I always felt DPS could keep up with PO easily.
For me it's more of a playstyle thing.
I think many people don't like storm decks and the archetype is therefore underrepresented across all formats. Those decks do very well in the right hands, therefore one could argue that there are less people playing traditional storm decks.
PO is probably an easier version of the storm archetype to pilot and also feels totally different to play to other storm decks, at least in my opinion as I despise playing PO but enjoy all kinds of storm decks.

I think DPS has a lot to offer for any given metagame that's not just outright hating it out. It's just the matter of putting work into that deck. And only a handful of players are doing it.

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The coverage was really good. Also, first time seeing Anzi commentating. He absolutely ruled!

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@mikestheman8 These should be published by like they did the past few times.

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Yeah understand that, but it's not like you should not showcase the other lists, or even just that exotic one.
You go even further and present a list that didn't make the top8. This is super nice aswell, but there's literally no downside in including the Painter list.