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@seksaybish People thought restricting Gush would weaken Shops and they were wrong. But, they were wrong for a different reason than you are implying. Restricting Gush kept Mentor intact as a very strong option that still beats all the other blue decks. If MM and Mentor get restricted, the other blue decks will finally have a chance to really shine. That being said, I think a Revoker restriction would be reasonable at this point, I should have included it as an option.

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@13nova It's not just the fact that blue players will replace a dead card with a card that might be relevant. It's that the Misstep and Mentor decks push out the decks that are good against Shops (BUG Fish, Big Blue Control). Once those decks come back in larger numbers, they will help keep Shops more in check.

Both effects compounding should definitely weaken Shops. It might still be the best deck, but it might not.

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@seksaybish Shops has the highest win rate but restricting Mentor or Misstep arguably weakens Shops.

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Saw some of these polls on Reddit, figured one could be interesting here to get a sense of how the TMD community feels.

PS: Allowing people to select multiple options messes up the percentages on the poll because it uses percent of total votes rather than % of users. So it's best not to allow multiple choices, even though some people may really think it's necessary to unban or ban multiple cards.

Unrestriction Poll:

Restriction Poll:

For unrestrictions, I couldn't think of many obvious candidates and I talked to a few people. Maybe cantrips could be unrestricted, but certainly not with Mentor legal. Same with arguments for Shops cards, Shops is too dominant right now for an unrestriction to be wise. Please discuss any candidates people have in mind and maybe in a few months I can include them in the next B&R Poll

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Great post! Are there any good resources for learning the deck? Videos, articles, sideboard guides?

In particular, I'm wondering about what to set Chalice on. Usually OTP turn 1, I go for Chalice on zero. Vs blue decks on later turns, I go for Chalice X=1. When do you set it on X=2 (to play around Hurkyl's) vs X=1?

What do you set it on vs 2 Card Monte (Grindstone version)?