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@volrathxp said in [IKO] Lutri, the Spellchaser:


Uhhh, Donate wouldn't do much there. You'd just be giving them a creature. You can call a judge if you like, they'll just stare at you.

Companion is something you declare at the beginning of a game, sort of like Commander. Once the card is cast and in play, it's treated like any other creature.

Yeah, I'm aware of that. I was just pointing out that the only reason why this would ever see play would be to try to troll someone that way.

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Companion? What the.. Really? I can't even.. What's next? Constraint: For the rest of the game, you may not sit on your chair? Commemorate: When you cast this spell, sing a song to commemorate a dead family member? Stop inventing silly, overly complex mechanics that change the rules of the game and create some quality cards for Gods sake.

As for the card, it's hilariously bad and won't ever see play unless someone tries to Donate it to the opponent and call a judge.

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@boggyb said in [03/15/20] - [Los Angeles, CA] - Knight Ware Monthly Unsanctioned Vintage $15/$20+ entry:

Are we still on for Sunday, in light of Coronavirus?

This should get cancelled for sure. And if the organizers aren't responsible enough to do so, everyone should stay at home and don't go.

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Yes, this should have been 2 like on Supression Field or simply "Activated abilities of planeswalkers can't be activated". As is, it's unplayable.

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Going strictly green I'm not so sure of. What Eldrazi does so well is to beat down very fast with some slight disruption to speed down the opponent. Losing Thalia 1.0 and 2.0 and Glowrider would hurt that game plan a lot. Losing Containment Priest and Eldrazi Displacer as well as Swords out of the board would hurt as well.

The main reason to add green would be Force of Vigor for sure, but that would indeed require a lot of other green cards to function, and I'm not sure if a GW version could include enough green cards to make Force of Vigor viable, but it could be worth trying out.

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On Deafening Silence:

I haven't had the chance to test it much yet, but while I think that Stormanimagus is right that this card is great for Hatebears style decks, I also think that volrathxp is right that this card isn't format warping, because, let's be real, Hatebears is a fringe archetype.

I'd like to comment on one thing though: the time aspect. I think this is a greatly misunderstood concept when discussing Hatebears and other prison style decks.

The article says that "but that kind of turn does nothing to accelerate your clock in a game and gives your opponent all the time in the world to find an answer". I find that statement wrong. Sure, this card in itself doesn't accelerate your clock, but it doesn't give your opponent "all the time in the world". I think it's a mistake to perceive "time" like this. Hatebears and other prison style decks shouldn't perceive "time" as "turns" but rather as "how many spells can my opponent cast before he's dead?". If your opponent is completely locked out of ever casting another spell this game, it doesn't matter how fast or slow your clock is (think of the good old Stax decks that basically didn't even have a clock).
Yes, your opponent might be playing Repeal and Chain of Vapor but he doesn't have much "time" to find them because he can only play one spell a turn.

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I see this primarily as a SB card - and that's coming from a Hatebears pilot. Of course it's great against Storm of various sorts, and although the effect is also good vs Xerox, your matchup as a the Hatebears pilot should already be pretty good against Xerox - especially against the Dreadhorde versions. However, the card simply doesn't do anything against Shops and Dredge. Against Dredge that's just a minor concern as the maindeck is already packed with cards that don't do much in that matchup, but you really just need to find one of your maindeck Yixlid Jailers/Containment Priests/Grafdigger's Cage to win game one against Dredge. But you simply can't afford to play too many dead cards against Shops - especially when they come without legs.

That said, I do think this deserves maindeck testing. I'll probably start by replacing some copies, or all, of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben with it.

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Lol this card is bonkers. Unfortunately Grafdigger's Cage is hilariously bad against Dredge rigt now (although it's decent vs Dreadhorde Arcanist).

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I don't really get why they printed this card. It's just Voltaic Key with an additional benefit. Not sure what the point is.

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@moorebrother1 said in [M20] Fry:

I looks like the answer that PO might need to come back. It also is the mirror breaker.

It definitely doesn't look like a mirror breaker to me. One for one'ing against planeswalkers doesn't work well, as your opponent has already grotten value out of their planeswalker. It's a card worth considering, though.