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@protoaddict said in [WAR] Narset, Parter of Veils:

If you use her once shes in bolt range, and bolt is the answer for just an awful lot right now. I also think she has something of her own restriction as is it, being a legendary in a very crowded slot. All things equal I would much rather have my first Ashiok or 3 mana Teferi than a second Narset sitting in hand.

I guess my question is if you never use her -2 to draw a card, how good in an enchantment that can be attacked by creatures or with incremental damage that prevents draws? Shops is well positioned against her obviously, but I have to believe most creature decks like humans/hatebears are as well, and the only reason those decks are not a larger part of the meta is the prominence of shops, which gets us back into the whole argument of why would you restrict this card when the card that is preventing format diversity as well as preventing answers to this one is shops itself?

I believe you're right that Hatebears is in a good position right now. Better than it has been for a long time. These new Planeswalkers don't really do anything against Hatebears, though the resurgence of Karn, Scion of Urza in some Shops builds have proven to be a problem, but overall the matchup against the Karn Shops is certainly better than against the aggro Ravager Shops.

I'm currently hovering between a 62% and 73% winrate with different versions of WGB Hatebears on a mix of Cockatrice and MTGO. The key card is Sanctum Prelate. That card is simply bananas at the moment. Prelate @ 1 just outright wins the game against Xerox (atleast against the UR versions - Jeskai still doesn't just scoop to it because of Mentor), it's amazing against Paradoxical Outcome, it's one of the best cards you can play against Oath (which in my experience has seen a resurgence on MTGO the last few days) and it's finally not just dead against Shops (the Karn versions, that is).

The worst matchup for Hatebears is Eldrazi for sure, then Shops and then BUG if they play Tarmogoyf (of course this depends on how you design your deck).

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I can't remember a better time to be playing hatebears than right now. Shops, which is the worst matchup, isn't played much at the moment and a lot of other builds are packing their decks with Planeswalkers that doesn't do anything against hatebears like Narset, Teferi and, to a slightly lesser extend, Karn.

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My assumption was that Dredge would get worse with the London mulligan. Let's see if that turns out to be true.

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I play nothing but white based hatebears, and this is certainly not what you want to be doing. The effect is way too narrow and nowhere near powerful enough.

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Some great lists this week! Very fun to see them all in action. Of course you especially gotta love Kelly's deck.

I've never known of Brian Coval before this year's VSL, but he seems like a very intelligent person and a very good player. However, I feel like he punted at least a few of his games this week, which I was a bit surprised to see.

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3 days ago: "I think PO players need to add Red". Later same day: "I am not a fan of red in PO". Hmm. Anyway, I don't think PO players need to add red. Karakas is the best answer to Lavinia, but I wouldn't worry too much about Lavinia long term tbh.

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@revengeanceful said in Paradoxical Outcome - Time Vault or no Time Vault?:

Cut the Vault, keep the Tinker. Tinkering for Lotus is often a valuable play, and having it lets you run Bot in the sideboard for certain matchups.

So you want to play Tinker with no Time Vault or Blighsteel maindeck? That seems very loose.

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I don't cards like these that mess with the rules (or the shelter if that makes sense) of the game - cards like the Leylines, Chancellor of the Annex and, especially, Serum Powder.

I don't think - and don't hope - that this is good enough to see play, but I'm sure it will be tested.

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That decks just scoops to Shops. You need at least 10 sideboard cards against Shops with that maindeck. I think everyone is getting over excited about Lavinia right now. Let's see what's left of the hype when the dust settles.

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I would love to see how those complaining would design "hatebears" that they would welcome.