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with the restriction of lodestone i'm interested in whether mono brown will still be the best shop build

it may be time to branch back into 5c or red

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Melbourne has been know for having a very shops heavy meta hence the sideboard hate, we were quite surprised it didn't show up

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You're relying on the manlands to be able to block if they get too far ahead on tokens, otherwise if you can't leverage the tokens off oath you just avoid tapping it

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Have you considered something along the lines of coercive portal to help get you to the combo quicker or is serum powder sufficient?

For reference this is the list I ran last time I was on combo shops, obviously quite a different build to yours and it's about a year old now

4 shop
4 tomb
4 buried ruin
2 city of traitors
7 solomox
1 Mox opal
3 grim monolith
4 voltaic key
4 metal worker
4 Serum powder
4 Leyline
4 forge master
2 lightning greeves

Time vault
Staff of domination
Sundering titan
Memory jar
2 coercive portal
Spine of ish shah

4 mistep
4 cage
4 mountain
3 smelt