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Very disappointing meta if you ask me...

I think most players have hit the nail pretty much on the head and diversity in the format boils down to two problem children.

Mishra's Workshop
Mental Misstep

I think the restricting of Mentor opened things up a bit and I approve of the thorn restriction, I think they got it right over sphere in terms of its effect on shops decks. But without the above mentioned problem children being restricted, then a lot of decks that might not otherwise have a shot, are simply relegated to inferior status.

I think we all can see the benefits with the restriction of workshop, but there are so additional benefits to Mental Misstep being restricted, such as Dredge gets weakened, they no longer get a free counter "Grafdigger's Cage". Heck they are either main decking and/or side boarding a full compliment of them, and it quite honestly brings back dark ritual which I think is a good thing for the format.

Perhaps i'm just living in the past, thinking back to the days where the metagame had a large contingent of viable decks all at once. Keeper / Dragon / Mask / TnT / Stax / Blue Control / Hulk / Gro / Fish / Mono-Black and a plethora of variants that flirted with the tier 1 mark.

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@jonhammack And is there a break in there somewhere for lunch?

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@jonhammack Are the rounds the traditional 50 minute rounds or are they longer at EW?

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So i've never gone to Eternal Weekend, in fact quite honestly the last real tournament I played in was Origins 03' in which I did quite well, haven't had much of a real tournament since, since parting with a vast majority of my collection.

So here is my question(s)...

1.) As it pertains to the tournament, how many rounds can one expect it will be, I saw some readings of past tournaments being close to 10 rounds, is that likely to be the case this time as well?

2.) I know it starts in the AM, but when if you were to play all the rounds would it likely end, is it safe to assume that this would/could possibly go late into the evening?

3.) Aside from "Old School" which unfortunately I am not setup to play, what type side events are there for vintage play, and what's the chance of just a casual pickup game of vintage?

4.) Last but not least... any tips for a first timer to Eternal Weekend?

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