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That's me, Vintage libertarian!

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Yeah, thanks! The fun is definitely my favorite part of the format.

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This was a really good episode. That's not really a surprise since they're all good, but I enjoyed this one a lot.

You made a few points in passing that I've used in arguing for many, many cards to be unrestricted.

You were pleased that Fastbond opened up novel, fun budget options, for one, which I think could happen with unrestrictions as well. Power 9 is de-emphasized if other powerful cards are available. ESG and Channel go better together than Channel and Mox Pearl, for example, similar for Necropotence and Dark Ritual.

You also pointed out that Narset will be more obnoxious as a one-of than a four-of. The obnoxiousness of losing to a restricted card is a major detriment to restriction, in my opinion. Monastery Mentor is regularly game over, but at least if there are four of them I have reason to build my deck to stop them. Similar with Lodestone Golem or Chalice of the Void.

And Steve had a comment about being excited to play with new, powerful cards. We don't get to do that if players' first reactions to new strategies are to get them restricted. The format was adjusting to Narset, as you pointed out, and Karn/Forge was showing weakness to BUG when they were restricted. New cards should last longer than 6 months, let alone 2.


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For episode 43, Geoff Moes (@ThallidTosser on Twitter), Nat Moes (@GrandpaBelcher), and Josh Chapple (@joshchapple) join Nat’s wife, Elizabeth (@eaeshelman), to talk about a gamer’s first GenCon, hosting a diaper-party Magic tournament, and pregnancy food cravings!

Here’s the timestamped table of contents for your listening ease and enjoyment:
0:00:41 – GenCon 2019
1:13:25 – TSI Diaper Party
1:23:31 – I Need Some Pickles Right Now or I Will Fight You
Total runtime – 1:36:17

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Hey, thanks @craw_advantage! And thanks @nartman99 for putting the writeup together!

The whole event was a lot of fun. I'm of the opinion that more Magic players need to be more friends and family in one anothers' lives. It was great to have everyone come and celebrate the occasion and share in the excitement that Elizabeth and I have. I'll look forward to the next time, whoever we'll be celebrating and whatever event.

We're also going to have a Serious Vintage episode coming out that will include some of this. (We've been behind on recording, but I've had a good excuse.)

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Sure! And it’s not that I think they shouldn’t play Vintage. It’s just that we seem SO far apart on what we’re getting out of the format. Like, they’re unhappy with the very things I enjoy, and I don’t know what they enjoy because they never talk about it. Some of these players don’t seem to enjoy anything.

Lately I’ve been concerned that it’s me. Maybe Vintage is headed in a direction I don’t want. Middle School and Old School have fun communities, and Legacy has powerful cards. Would that be so bad? (Insert GIF of Principal Skinner saying “No, it’s the children who are wrong.” I’m on my phone and can’t find it.)

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@tittliewinks22 said in [Article] Information Cascades in Magic:

If the game is so bad why play it?

There have been a number of people through the years where I've wondered why they play Vintage instead of another format, or even Magic instead of another game. I think some people actually enjoy complaining.

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This is coming up and is going to be sweet. Here are prizes for the Old School event. Middle School prizes are en route.

Old School prize wall

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Sure! We'll use the Eternal Central lists and rules for both formats:
Old School:
Middle School:

There's more complete details on the signup sheet too.

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Team Serious and BrewDog are joining forces to host some nostalgia format fun the weekend of SCG Columbus!

Saturday 7/27 @ 12PM - Middle School Tournament

Sunday 7/28 @ 12PM - Old School Tournament

Entry is $10 with all proceeds going to the Franklin County Dog Shelter. During the tournament, $1 for every beer purchased will also be donated! We will also be raffling off some other MTG swag throughout the day with door prizes for participants.

Sign-up here for both events!

For more information check out the links below or feel free to reach out to us through email or Facebook messenger! (You can also just ask me here on TMD.)