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@portland just a black splash is not enough for it's own page 🙂

But if there is a unique version that tops with Juzam it would be cool to check out! But can it be that you are talking about Machine Head? A primarly Green and Black deck with BoP, Juzams and more. Sometimes it also splashes red for Trolls and bolts. It is on the site 🙂

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Hi, I'm the creator of the site 🙂 Feel free to give me any feedback you have!

@portland You're actually the second person asking about Dark Zoo. Maybe that should have it's own page instead of just a Zoo page. Or at least be mention there. Could you give me a list or just a quick run down what the big differences are?

Or you can just post a picture in the comment section as it's there for exactly that purpose, for people to discuss and share different builds 🙂