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@AeonSovarius exactly want I was thinking of. The mirror would actually be alot better for you since you could just tutor a trygon and shatter their hollow ones.

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@AeonSovarius your probably right on the xerox idea. I'm thinking more of the baby Jace xerox decks but again things would have to occur for ravenous to even be live (super narrow and probably not worth boarding in at all).

I guess my point is that ravenous is alot more flexible as a side board option than leyline

Honesty really curious trying Graf diggers cage as an option. Yea it has anti synergy with some cards but has some potential splash dmg against other decks.

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@AeonSovarius I've been playing leyline in my board for my last 5 leagues and im something like 21-4 (25-5 if you count unsanctioned vintage events). Personally kinda depends on how well you know the vintage metagame. Im a pretty new vintage player and i feel like leyline is more cut and dry on which matchups you want it and which you dont. You may be crippling percentage points in matches like xerox (but the match is already somewhat favorable).
Dont know to much about the other versions of survival since ive only been playing BUGw.
I personally would play leyline ,but following @GutoCmtt is probably correct. Guy finished with 20ish trophies last season.

Going to try to upload an interesting game i just had against Oath. We had an interesting game but i feel he may have boarded incorrectly (i dont really know). I make some interesting misplays that may have cost me the match but feel like there are some important cards in the matchup that really showed their strength.

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Man, a group of us would love to come to one of these but driving from north Texas down to to Houston would be pretty rough for us on a Sunday.
Are your events typically on a Sunday or do they just vary?

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What would you board like now? In another league atm and played against PO twice and they seem to have recently added karakas back into the board which is some good splash damage against the plan of getting out an early Leo.

Is there a go to sideboard plan as well? always find myself just shaving here and there depending on what type of hate im expecting.

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Just hit another 5-0 with @GutoCmtt Bug Survial list


Matchups in order were:
Pitch Dredge (main deck leylines)
Mirror BUG survival
UR Xerox

Hit some insane hands and believe i didnt have to mull to 5 in any of my matches. probably mullinganed 3-4 times total. I believe i just got incredibly lucky. First game against pitch dredge opponent mulls 2 serum powder hands and is able to play a LotV on turn 1. Play Bazaar Turn 1 into a crazy hand getting 2 Hollow ones and a DRS.

Not to mention crazy 3 pieces of power opener hands w/ survival.

Believe i am running an older sideboard. Think i would probably run an additional Energyflux over the 3rd Null rod. Still learning the deck but its just super strong and proactive. Still trying to understand when to active Bazaar (believe this is probably the hardest part of the deck for me), but nonetheless still incredibly enjoyable.

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First Challenge today with Bug Survival List.

Ended up going 5-2 Losing to the mirror @swiftwarkite2 and losing to AtogLord on Dredge. Ran into the dredge match up 3 times and was lucky to come away with at least 2 wins (auto lost first game for all dredge matches).

Dont really know the common boarding strategy for most match ups but ended up siding out something like this

Ran across an interesting hand and would like input on it.
0_1545531879109_survival keeper..PNG
Game 3 on the draw. Decide to keep but unsure if it was correct. i did end up winning the match but just cause i ended up drawing a bazaar which found me mana sources and allowed me to chain vengevines.