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Extra copies discard to force of vigor...,

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They aren’t going to kill:

All versions of combo
And a couple versions of reanimator

To save a card that when combined in decks with time spiral can take forever to finish games.

This won’t take long until it gets banned in Legacy because of High Tide.

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Unless Vintage changes dramatically, this card will not see play.

It’s place is in legacy, where it is very good as a 1 of in d&t. Obviously helps vs lands and dark depths matchups, but also great in the mirror match and at worst trades with a delver.

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I think this is one of the best Counterspells ever printed, will 100% see vintage and legacy play, and is an awesome addition to the format

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The plus ability is pretty bad but not useless.

It’s more the 1 sided null rod effect (which is tough to get off the board for paradoxical) and the ability to wish for any card from your sideboard that screams vintage playable to me.

The only drawback is 4 mana is at the top of the curve for a lot of decks.

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i was tinkering around with different lists. i found sulfur elemental to be one of the best sideboard cards. Karn Silver Golem to be total dogshit. And you want to play all 8 rabblemasters

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Mono red blood moon only plays Black Lotus and Mox Ruby

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Modern Horizons will be a new set that bypasses standard, but will be tournament legal in all eternal formats starting with Modern. Expectations are for new archetypes to form in Modern from the set, with hopes for new archetypes in all eternal formats.

Obviously, this set is a great direction for Wizards to continue to develop the eternal formats and a much better way of doing it than Commander and strangely designed conspiracy/battle bond expansions.

Release is June 14, 2019.

Only 2 card have been spoiled/leaked so far. Let's not focus on the awesome implication of sets designed to create new archetypes in Eternal formats and focus solely on this new card: Cabal Therapist will look strikingly familiar to most vintage players.

Obvious first implications are that dredge gets MORE cabal therapy effects. But it cannot be cast from the graveyard. Would this enable a deck like Nic Fit in Legacy to have enough cards to become a playable deck in Vintage (Nic Fit abuses Veteran Explorer)?

The obvious difference between the two is cabal therapy gets cast from the graveyard, and can immediatly be cast again with flashback. Whereas Therapist can be used every turn, but provides no immediate information.

alt text

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That’s a great question. I haven’t really tested blood sun since the beginning when I was running a different build.

For starters I don’t think a deck can run both Blood Sun and Blood Moon because one of the greatest abilities of Sun is to take lands offline entirely. Playing a moon would allow them to tap it for something. It’s also too much of the same effect that really isn’t that back breaking.

The most material interaction would be Sun against Dredge and their access to nature’s claim allowing them back in the game. Whereas moon takes all of that away.

It would be an improvement vs Jeskai and Grixis becauze of the card drawing and turning fetchlands offline entirely. Sun is much worse against BUG lists. I think Assassin’s trophy will uptick the number of BUG lists in the format.

It would be better than moon against PO, for fetchlands and your own sol lands.

VS MUD, I would deny them mana and change their lands, which makes Moon much better. Blood sun does nothing to Ancient Tomb and Mishra’s Workshop. Blood sun makes them unable to activate Wasteland and Mishra’s Factory.....that’s basically a blank.

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If you are speaking about the Mono Red Prison Build and mulligans, I would have to say it only slightly affects your mulligan decisions. Obviously vs Dredge you need hate early, so if you know your opponent is on it, then yes maybe you do in game 1. But post sideboard, any combination of sideboard cards would be a keepable hand.

Vs. Mud I guess its similar. If I know you are on it, and I have a marginal hand that has a turn 1 blood moon, and no real threats or power cards in the matchup, I would probably throw it away. It just doesn't do enough. However, if I had say Chalice of the Void and the ability to play Blood Moon turn 2, backed up with any threat, I would keep that hand vs Shops.

I'm still not sure what deck I will be playing at Eternal Weekend. I have access to most cards. I wanted to try this deck out in Richmond because I thought it was well positioned for that meta. But I had not done extensive testing with it prior to the event. I thought that MUD, Dredge, and Jeskai would be favorable matchups, with Paradoxical Outcome being a coin toss. My results were that I lost to Shops a lot, won more than I lost against Dredge but by no means is it an easy round, got destroyed by the Jeskai decks, and ended up beating Paradoxical. Nothing about that sounds enticing for EW.

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I played Bloon Moon, and Magus of the Moon, in Richmond to a top 32 finish.

I’m not gonna discuss the other cards in the deck, or the archetype in general, but I will talk explicitly about moon effects in Vintage and how they play out in matches.

Vs Dredge it’s one of the very best cards, and a card you hope to see in the opening hand. It’s not an autowin, as they can already have a graveyard if you are on the draw, or they can discard down if they are given enough time to do so.

But it still wins a lot

Vs Mud
The card is playable in small quantities. You would never want to see multiple copies of it because each copy beyond the first is an actual do nothing.
It doesn’t prevent anything from happening, it simply slows them down. Taking away a wasteland or factory effect is simply slowing them down. Nothing more nothing less.
You still have to find a way to win the game.

And often times they still have the ability to play through it very fast. All their cards can still get cast with enough time.

Magus of the Moon is worse because 1) it almost never blocks 2) it almost never attacks 3) dies to walking ballista.

If you care enough to invest in this type of effect, you want it to stick around.

Vs the Jeskai control decks
It’s okay. Not great, they can still play through it, not awful. It has a small chance of locking them out early. Especially on the play. It has just as likely of a chance of doing nothing at all against them.

This was my biggest surprise playing them in Richmond, I thought moons would shut these decks down, it didn’t.

Magus of the Moon is especially worse here because of lightning bolt, which they all play.

Vs BUG lists
Okay we found another matchup like Dredge where the card feels like an auto win. They have assassin’s Trophy now if that matters. Abrupt decay did the same job.

This even hurts deathrite shaman because they won’t be able to sacrifice lands to get them in the yard.

Vs Oath
It’s tech against Forbidden Orchard if you can land it before they get an orchard. Asides from that, it is slightly better here than it is against Jeskai, but worse than BUG.

It’s a nice card to see.

Magus of the Moon is also worse here because, well, Oath Of druids text.

Vs Paradoxical Outcome

Pretty bad. Easy to play through without support like a null rod.

Honestly I was boarding out Bloon Moons against this list and I’ve had success against them in general.

Magus of the Moon is much better than Blood Moon here. This is probably the only matchup where I can say that.

Vs Eldrazi

Absolute house against them. Both the colorless and white versions.

Vs Landstill

Very good, but not an ultimate closer. They will find a way to deal with it, but it will provide you with plenty of time.

The only matchup where multiple copies actually get better.

Vs Survival

It’s a solid card, but you run the risk of doing nothing while they ley down threats. High Variance. They can get a lot of work done with a single Forest.

For the record, I haven’t played against Grixis.

So, in summation, the card is playable vs the entire field. But it is only okay vs three tier 1 lists: Jeskai, MUD, and PO. Which is probably why you don’t see moons getting sleeves up a lot these days.

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Grafdigger’s Cage shuts this card down. So even if it was good in Legacy (hint it’s not), it would never have a chance in Vintage because of the abundance of Cage.

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There was a time when all I cared about was winning. It made me edgy, even nervous during play. I’d make mistakes because of it. Losses would cause me to tilt. I’m great at math and can calculate probabilities on the spot. I remember one situation in a GP where my opponent had to draw 5 consecutive bolt spells from the top of his deck to beat me and he did. 5 of 5 left in the deck. I felt bad at the time, because it felt like a ridiculous beat. But he was shuffling and I was cutting his deck, it happened perfectly randomly. Now I feel bad for the guy because he should have used that luck on a lotto ticket (nearly the same odds!) instead of beating me in a single match of competitive magic.

Now my approach is to go out and have the most fun I can. Learn as much as I can, and evaluate my decision making process after the match. I still make plenty of mistakes, and they still mean the same to me because I am a competitive person at heart, but overall my experience is so much better.

Honestly, people should have goals at EW like playing all 9 rounds without going tilted. Or a goal like if you make a mistake in a match and you play through it without being upset at yourself - whether you win or lose.

Maybe your opponent hasn’t put in the same amount of time you have in preparation, maybe they didn’t travel as far as you did to get there, but they still love the game as much as you do and spent their time and money investing in the same tournament you did. Always show respect to your opponent, in victory and defeat.

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You know this mono red list I’m trying to run, with Null Rods. I am looking at graveyard hate cards I can play, and I’m seriously considering surgical extraction. I don’t have room for 4 Leyline of the void, or that would be a legit strategy. I can’t play artifact graveyard hate with activation costs, because I want a card that is good vs Dark ritual Storm and Dredge, vs Storm I am keeping in my null rods.

I’m also looking for some action vs survival of the fittest.

Which narrows my card choices to ravenous trap, surgical extraction, and faerie macabre. Of those I think surgical is the best choice.

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Agreed on temporal aperature and not taking a list that went 5-1 once seriously. Sure temporal aperature could win you every single game in a lucky series of events, but over time, it’s simply an unplayable high variance card that isn’t worth the time to play. It’s not a real strategy.

I also agree that draw sevens are strictly better than this card.

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Ritual/Storm lists also run demonic tutor and the 5 mana spell mastery tutor (whose name is currently escaping me), all tutors to your hand are instantly negated by this card.

I suppose mystical tutor/personal tutor and other effects become better. But in a vacuum those types of cards are much worse alone.

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Ok, sensei’s Top is solid with this card. I missed that one.

What kinda deck do you think it will open up?

I don’t see it being better than any card that currently sees play.

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My initial reaction to even seeing this card being discussed in the forum was shock. I simply could not possibly see this card being 1) worth paying even a single mana for 2) it costs 4 mana and forbids you to play the other cards in your hand.

But I gave it some more thought, pondered a bunch of what ifs, I tried to understand how anyone could think this card is anything but bulk rare garbage.

Even if you chain off 3-4 cards in one turn for 4 mana, in the dream scenario, I still think this card is total and utter garbage.

The reason why isn’t necessarily obvious, but it has to do with the cards inability to hold back spells when you don’t want to play them, coupled with the opportunity cost of playing this card one turn and then spending a whole entire other turn destroying this card to play the card you want.

Any deck with force of Will would never want this card. Because it basically negates the draw entirely. Now you might say, only you know the top card and your opponent doesn’t. The reality of the situation is, if you are unable to play the top card of your library it becomes a singal to your opponent. Know they know then can simply pass the turn, draw a free card, be unpressured because you wasted 4 mana casting this card 2 turns ago, and be confidant that you have a counterspell, that if you are so inclined to cast becomes instant negative card advantage because you have to sacrifice this card first to cast the counter.

Storm wants nothing to do with a 4 mana spell that relies entirely on chaining off spells from the top of your library. Even with manipulation like brainstorm (restricted), ponder (restricted), preordain, and the best one for this card ancestral knowledge, you will still find yourself in more situations where you fizzle because the top of your library simply doesn’t do enough to get you across the finish line.

In an Agro creature list, you are wasting a turn playing not another agro creature and instead a potential do nothing enchantment that it is laughable.

What if your top card is a second copy of this piece of shit.

I hate this card. It is bad. It is bulk. I’m sorry, I tried to find reasons to play this card. It’s iust not good at all. I’m not sure it would even be playable at 1 single red mana. It would be playable in shops if it was an artifact and colorless. The Red makes it unplayable in any deck that would ever consider it.

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This card is close but I don’t think it quite gets there.

It needed to do 5 damage if exiled. So that playing 4 alone would be a legit strategy.

It also needed a different template, reading “if this card would be placed in your graveyard from your library, exile it instead and do damage” that way it could have played through Rest In Peace and Leyline of the Void. As it reads, a tormod’s Crypt can stop it. Better yet, it could have read “if it becomes exiled, do damage” to combo with sickening shoal and unmask.

The only good thing it has going is that it does play through Cage.