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Mental Misstep
Sphere of Resistance
Monastery Mentor
Zodiac Dragon (after changing the oracle back to what is word for word on the card)



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This card interacts positively with City of Traitors, while stopping fetch lands and Bazaar. Seems like it could fit in the 8 moon lists out there.

alt text

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I don't play Standard, and I quit playing modern last summer. I've played Magic since 1994, when I was 11. And I've played competitively since I was 15, so 1998. I've played Modern since the format began.

I follow Standard. I watch every pro-tour on twitch, look through the top deck lists at every Starcity and GP tournament each week to see what is going on. The pulse of Standard affects Magic a lot. I'm big into Finance. I trade professionally for a living (Stocks, Futures, Options). So trading and speculating on Magic comes naturally to me, in line with what I do professionally.

I don't have the time to invest into playing Standard/Modern competitively anymore. I'll always play Vintage, and I'll play Legacy because it's a way to play Competitive Magic on my on time frame....not having to keep up with rotating sets and new cards changing the format.

So, while I don't play these format, I have seen every iteration of Standard and Modern since their inceptions. I know how the game works, cyclically that is, with Finance and Player Growth. That's why I am worried about this stuff happening in these formats. It's one thing when Standard is bad (say Invasion though Odyssey block) and another thing entirely when it becomes Mirrodin.

When Wizards first printed Mythics, they promised the player base they wouldn't need those cards to compete in Standard. While that was clearly a lie, there is a huge difference between needing them to play the most competitive deck, and needing them to play the only competitive deck. When you have to buy $50 Saheeli Rai's to play in a local PPTQ, knowing full well they will get banned and go to a much lower price, you are whipsawing your customers and that creates a bad feedback loop. Some people won't care, heck some will embrace the game being about how much their annual income determines the win/loss% in standard, but the vast majority of players will bitch and moan and finally walk away from the format.

And that is what I care about. I don't care about playing Standard, that doesn't effect me. I care about the growth of the player base and new players liking Standard. That's what impacts the Vintage community on a large time frame.

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Hangarback is better than this card. You can always play both.

This card:

  1. Haste and flying kills planeswalkers very easily. When I top 8ed Vintage Worlds, I played either 3 or 4 slash panther and they were great all day. Especially vs Oath of Druids.

  2. It can trade with delver of secrets and trygon predator. Being able to block and kill Tyrgon predator is huge, and with any bonus like Chief or Steel Overseer or Arcbound Ravager, my card wins.

  3. haste plays through energy flux

  4. flying gets over moat

  5. flying can break the mirror match open

  6. losing the card to dack fayden isn't the end of the world.

  7. costing 4 mana plays around abrupt decay

  8. 4 mana is a sweet spot in the curve right now. Precursor at 5 is the best at its cost, but getting to 5 mana isn't even that easy unless you have a workshop.

  9. it will be unexpected. This is an incredible advantage. People will take other lines that will open this card up for abuse, and it does 2 unexpected things in shops lists. It flys and it has haste.

  10. it can combo with arcbound ravager for the win from an otherwise neutral boardstate.

  11. It can block a Merit Lage or Griselbrand. Being able to block a Griselbrand and sacrifice to ravager is a good line.

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My initial reaction to even seeing this card being discussed in the forum was shock. I simply could not possibly see this card being 1) worth paying even a single mana for 2) it costs 4 mana and forbids you to play the other cards in your hand.

But I gave it some more thought, pondered a bunch of what ifs, I tried to understand how anyone could think this card is anything but bulk rare garbage.

Even if you chain off 3-4 cards in one turn for 4 mana, in the dream scenario, I still think this card is total and utter garbage.

The reason why isn’t necessarily obvious, but it has to do with the cards inability to hold back spells when you don’t want to play them, coupled with the opportunity cost of playing this card one turn and then spending a whole entire other turn destroying this card to play the card you want.

Any deck with force of Will would never want this card. Because it basically negates the draw entirely. Now you might say, only you know the top card and your opponent doesn’t. The reality of the situation is, if you are unable to play the top card of your library it becomes a singal to your opponent. Know they know then can simply pass the turn, draw a free card, be unpressured because you wasted 4 mana casting this card 2 turns ago, and be confidant that you have a counterspell, that if you are so inclined to cast becomes instant negative card advantage because you have to sacrifice this card first to cast the counter.

Storm wants nothing to do with a 4 mana spell that relies entirely on chaining off spells from the top of your library. Even with manipulation like brainstorm (restricted), ponder (restricted), preordain, and the best one for this card ancestral knowledge, you will still find yourself in more situations where you fizzle because the top of your library simply doesn’t do enough to get you across the finish line.

In an Agro creature list, you are wasting a turn playing not another agro creature and instead a potential do nothing enchantment that it is laughable.

What if your top card is a second copy of this piece of shit.

I hate this card. It is bad. It is bulk. I’m sorry, I tried to find reasons to play this card. It’s iust not good at all. I’m not sure it would even be playable at 1 single red mana. It would be playable in shops if it was an artifact and colorless. The Red makes it unplayable in any deck that would ever consider it.

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I played Bloon Moon, and Magus of the Moon, in Richmond to a top 32 finish.

I’m not gonna discuss the other cards in the deck, or the archetype in general, but I will talk explicitly about moon effects in Vintage and how they play out in matches.

Vs Dredge it’s one of the very best cards, and a card you hope to see in the opening hand. It’s not an autowin, as they can already have a graveyard if you are on the draw, or they can discard down if they are given enough time to do so.

But it still wins a lot

Vs Mud
The card is playable in small quantities. You would never want to see multiple copies of it because each copy beyond the first is an actual do nothing.
It doesn’t prevent anything from happening, it simply slows them down. Taking away a wasteland or factory effect is simply slowing them down. Nothing more nothing less.
You still have to find a way to win the game.

And often times they still have the ability to play through it very fast. All their cards can still get cast with enough time.

Magus of the Moon is worse because 1) it almost never blocks 2) it almost never attacks 3) dies to walking ballista.

If you care enough to invest in this type of effect, you want it to stick around.

Vs the Jeskai control decks
It’s okay. Not great, they can still play through it, not awful. It has a small chance of locking them out early. Especially on the play. It has just as likely of a chance of doing nothing at all against them.

This was my biggest surprise playing them in Richmond, I thought moons would shut these decks down, it didn’t.

Magus of the Moon is especially worse here because of lightning bolt, which they all play.

Vs BUG lists
Okay we found another matchup like Dredge where the card feels like an auto win. They have assassin’s Trophy now if that matters. Abrupt decay did the same job.

This even hurts deathrite shaman because they won’t be able to sacrifice lands to get them in the yard.

Vs Oath
It’s tech against Forbidden Orchard if you can land it before they get an orchard. Asides from that, it is slightly better here than it is against Jeskai, but worse than BUG.

It’s a nice card to see.

Magus of the Moon is also worse here because, well, Oath Of druids text.

Vs Paradoxical Outcome

Pretty bad. Easy to play through without support like a null rod.

Honestly I was boarding out Bloon Moons against this list and I’ve had success against them in general.

Magus of the Moon is much better than Blood Moon here. This is probably the only matchup where I can say that.

Vs Eldrazi

Absolute house against them. Both the colorless and white versions.

Vs Landstill

Very good, but not an ultimate closer. They will find a way to deal with it, but it will provide you with plenty of time.

The only matchup where multiple copies actually get better.

Vs Survival

It’s a solid card, but you run the risk of doing nothing while they ley down threats. High Variance. They can get a lot of work done with a single Forest.

For the record, I haven’t played against Grixis.

So, in summation, the card is playable vs the entire field. But it is only okay vs three tier 1 lists: Jeskai, MUD, and PO. Which is probably why you don’t see moons getting sleeves up a lot these days.

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I'm with you man. I don't want to see more cards restricted, I want to see less.

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  1. unfortunately this very poor, loose player was allowed to win a tournament because many of his opponents were too shy, cowardice, and not attentive enough to realize they were being cheated by this guy.

I've said it many times before, in other threads, when you see cheating (which marked cards are) bring the attention to a judge immediately.

Your passiveness in not doing so is unethical, and allows for cheats to win tournaments.

  1. at least we all know the guy's name, and every time we play against him in a tournament I highly recommend touching every single card in his deck when he presents it to you.

He will be forever shamed by the ethical players who play this game. So enjoy winning this tournament. You are too terrible to a player to ever win another one without cheating.

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"For more than two years, we fought to get this corrected. Although the letter that Rich and I wrote pleading to remove power-level errata ultimately changed policy, Wizards failed to correct the power level errata that was left intact on Time Vault. When I spoke with Richard Garfield at 2008 Nationals, I was able to get the evidence needed to correct this, told Wizards, and the mistake was corrected in short order."

This is the article that years ago sparked my desire to crusade and champion Zodiac Dragons reversion back to its original intent. The card doesn't do today what it was intended to do in design.

Join me Steven. You also have a lot of influence on these things!

Bring Zodiac Dragon to Vintage!

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@xouman said:

There was a time when Lonestone didn't exist, and MUD was a deck.

This argument is really really bad. Sure there was this time, but also during that time the following cards did not exist:

Jace, the Mind Sculptor
Dack Fayden
Dark Petition
Monastery Mentor
Young Pyromancer
Treasure Cruise
Dig Through Time

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Lol, this card is not "insane". A better term for this card is unplayable garbage.

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The origionaly wording on zodiac dragon reads:

"If Zodiac Dragon woud be put into your graveyard, you may return it to your hand"

Because it uses the word "If" it makes it a replacement effect, and not an ability, so it happens in every zone.

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This is R&Ds response to Randy Buehler's incessant complaining about "sphere" effects.

"Yeah, of course it will reduces mana costs, Randy. But more importantly it will sift through your deck so you can play the spells you want to play! You're welcome, thanks for picking up the red phone and calling us directly."-DCI

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I'm being satirical (as well as day drunk)

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alt text

New uncommon from the set....seems nice and innocuous at first's not

Honestly it could be a portent that Magic the Gathering is coming to an end. Why you might ask?

R&D tested this in the future future league for about 2 years before finally printing the cards to paper, they neglected to realize how it interacts with this "lovable loser"

alt text

Two card, immediate win in standard on turn 4.

I'll repeat that, two card auto win Standard.

This kinda of laziness is bad. Very bad. Turns people off the game bad. Standard was already having major problems....and if you look at eternal staples since the announcement of Starcity walking away from Legacy, everything has either entirely flatlined or decreased in value.

I'm not saying this is the end of Magic, but this kind of pure ineptitude from R&D over the last year could be a pivot point towards its downfall. It started with Eldrazi Winter; great for Vintage, awful for the format they are actually trying to grow Modern.

Now Aetherworks Marvel Emrakul standard (if you don't know how low this Standard's reputation is, click here gets replaced by Pestermite/Splinter twin except in this case one card helps locate the they one.

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This is much better than final fortune because you get to exile all spells on the stack, wait for your opponents creatures to tap out, or do it in response to your own death.

Having said all that, the card is still pretty much garbage.

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In regards to Death Shadow's huge representation in Modern:

"...but technology like Condemn is starting to emerge"

Without a doubt the best line from any B&R announcement ever. By "best" what I really mean is cluelessly hilarious.

We combed through 10K plus decklists, you guys need to play more condemns in modern LOL!

Seriously what a joke. Gitaxian Probe is training wheels. Free perfect information, as well as a monk and a crusade and a card draw, okay that's pretty busted, but not the problem. It's replaceable.

Gush is a pillar of vintage, at least it was, it's a shame to see it go.

If you restrict mentor, you can replace some copies with pyromancer. Deck still exists and is still good. Mentor is the problem, not the enablers.

Next up on the chopping block: mental misstep and mishra's workshop.

I hope everyone will understand that if they ever restrict workshop, I will quit Magic forever that day.

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This is the best and biggest news for Magic in a very long time.