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I appreciate that the emphasis in all of these is on the fun that was had. There are so many places to get information about strategic content, but so little, relatively, about the great parts of our community.

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hmm, I guess if you have karn main, I would rather have 1 sideboard? Since they are pretty close to each other in functionality. It depends on the deck though.

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So both those are reasonable if you read the meta right. I would also say that depending on what budget means (0-proxy vs 5-10 proxy vs infinite proxy) and also how much money is budget for you ($400 vs $1000 vs anything but power/shops/bazaars) makes a big difference in answers to this question.

In general I would tend toward unpowered blue deck over something like red prison in vintage? In a 5-proxy meta I would do this every time (3 mox/lotus 1 time walk 1 ancestral, and the rest of the deck is legacy cards).

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Yeah i can't imagine tinkering for this over citadel. Value tinkering is not a thing that most people have done historically.

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Someone brought up the fact that this is hit by Force of Vigor and the X mana X/X eldrazi isn't while also being immune to dack. Sure can't be cast off of shop, but that card saw basically 0 play.

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This card in the best case costs UUU for draw a card next turn and 2 more 2 turns from now. This does not seem remotely vintage playable to me.

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I think this is a more typical setup for bye producing last minute tourneys, outside of ew.

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I think this card + PO/hurkyl's as an engine seems stronger than anything you will be doing in legacy. I do think it will have an impact in legacy though.

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@wfain said in [ELD] Emry, Lurker of the Loch:

Side note: I’m not sure why PO has never looked into 1-2 copies of Ascendency?

I think they just don't need it, and also the critical mass of free spells/cheap +CA spells to trigger it has gone down. When gush and dig were still legal along with 4 probe, there were some versions of the deck that could even hang with the shops deck of the time a bit.

Now, however, what would it be replacing that isn't already doing something better. Plus it pulls you into a 3rd or 4th color depending on the build.