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This is going to probably be a pretty good reason to actually play green in Vintage. Green needed this boost in the format, being the worst color and a support role at best. Great card that ultimately helps a lot in making restricting Workshops an old discussion. BUG and Dredge can use this easily, but I wonder if there are other archetypes this makes viable. Looking forward to seeing the other 3 in the cycle!
Predictions? Black will be based on Hymn to Tourach or Fatal Push; Red will be a better Pyrotecnics (although I'd love a free Light up the Stage) and white will be a token generator.

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Although the card has the laziest name (FoW + Pact of Negation) it's a pretty clever design. I like it a lot. Now, this makes Teferi, Time Raveler even better. Being able to combo, Tinker or whatever during your opponents turn and have more ways to protect it seems relevant.

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@blindtherapy with Preordain you can 100% guarantee the creature won't be the last card. But anyway, I guess testing Narset to see how frequently this comes up is important.

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@blindtherapy hum, I disagree it's the same though. You activate Narset and if she hits your only creature suddenly you can't Oath anymore. That's my point. Of course the opposite is true: if you don't hit your creature you can Oath knowing the bottom 3 are safe. So it's hard to evaluate 🙂

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@nba84 Narset you throw your creature to the bottom 3 cards if she find it, though. Don't know if that's OK or not.

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@protoaddict the thing is random cards are always a bad. I guess the exception is Gamble, and that's it. But yeah, its hard to know and that's why Steven's statement is such a surprise. 🙂

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@protoaddict said in [Podcast] SMIP # 89: War of the Spark Vintage Predictions:

I say this because I have won several drafts in a row with Ashiok just because you hit enough cards with the-1 that I have stripped my opponents wincons.

But that's a characteristic of War of the Spark draft/sealed. Ashiok is a must answer (since decks have 40 cards only) and the format is VERY slow and with a low number bombs/threats (specially in sealed), so you can mill a bunch of important stuff with him. I won a sealed with Ashiok, Teferi's Time Twist and Command the Dreadhorde to protect/recur him. 😛
In vintage I have no idea if Ashiok is fast/disruptive enough - and maybe we'll take some time to discover since Narset seems to have all the blue attention right now, but I was surprised and interested by Steve's logic.

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@protoaddict said in [WAR] Narset, Parter of Veils:

None of this is to say she is not a good card, she is. What it is to say is that none of that screams restrict-able to me, especially when Shops and Bazaar are still untouched in the format.

I hope restriction is not something we'll talk in this thread now. Anyone venting this ideas should just stop posting haha. I think the thread is more about recognizing how strong she is and how to play hear optimally.

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@khahan The point is that yes, you'll want to Bolt her, but that doesn't mean it makes the player with Narset consider not -2ing her because of that. It's still a bad trade for you, just not an awful trade. So the point is that if you think you'll play 3-4 Bolts and have good matches against Narset, you're wrong.

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@fsecco said in [WAR] Narset, Parter of Veils:

Remember, friends: spot removal is bad against PWs exactly because you can only do it after they already gained advantage. That's why CA generating PWs are always the best, and why REB/Pyro will be much more prominent than Bolt in the following meta.

OMG, I so hope this is true. My decks will be so happy if bolt is less used and REBS ramp up.

This is already happening in Legacy. Miracles turned back to UWr because playing 3-4 REB/Pyro is the only way you're not blown out by Narset/Teferi. Of course Bolt will be present too, but not it makes much more sense to pack REB/Pyro. They were already good in the format, now I feel they'll become ubiquitous.

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Loved the episode. This set looks so hard to predict. So many playables and awesome cards. Probably a set that'll change how Vintage plays out in the following months. I love it.

Just one thing I missed from your Bolas's Citadel analysis: Cage and Lavinia outright stop it. So that makes it have a lot of built-in hate in the format, which can hinder its usage.