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Well, that's pretty different.
I looked at the top 8 games, he played perfectly. I'm not sure i would have done as well. Congratulations to all players.
But once again, i'm convinced you really need to be in a "good day" to perform that great.

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@jostin123 Rules are rules... But when it's not fair ... it's not fair.
I was watching, and as everybody i saw Coval had 0% chance to win that game ... outside a "rule violation" as it is named. I just hope that guy will loose in quarter as he shouldn't be in the top 8. That said, i know in that type of tounament, you NEED luck to be in the top 8. I can't beleive any reasonnable player can beleive he will succeed in such a tournament based only on his (or her ...) personnal skills. I can understand that Coval called the judges, that was "legal", but that's the point where you can see this is not just a game at that point. He had lost that game, but his tired opponent discaded a card a few seconds too late. Some will say "rules are rules", but that's just no the way i imagine playing magic.

Big-up for Brian Kelly who finished #17 with 8-2 after a 3-2 in the rounds 1 to 5. He is a great and nice player !

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@bandswithothers How can i get some T please ?
Will you ship overseas ?
It's a nice work !

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They should post for Legacy and Vintage events in the next days(as they confirmed to me by mail).

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It is on WotCost official site : the weekend of 5 may 2018.

they wrote :

" Eternal Weekend returns in 2018, and with some big news—an expansion into Asia!

That's right! Eternal Weekends are coming! The first will take place in Paris, France, the weekend of May 5, as Europe's best Eternal players—and very likely some globetrotters as well—make their way to battle for the titles of Legacy and Vintage Champions.

The second Eternal Weekend takes place the weekend of August 18 in Yokohama, Japan, as the Legacy and Vintage Championships make their way to Japan for the very first time.

The third Eternal Weekend will take place in the United States, and we'll have more information available to you later this year on the location as those details are finalized. "

[](link url)

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It was a pleasure to read you.
As I meet a lot of assholes in Eternal WeekEnd Europe, it's a pleasure to see there are still decent and kind magic players. I don't know what you are looking like, just hope we could play some games if you happen to come in France for EWE 2018.

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@brass-man Thanks ! And i hope there will be other great Eternal Week-Ends both in Europe and United States.

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I'm suprised how many players complain about shop's power.
As Jsakpc said, the deck follows the B&R list, and good builders found an extra-agressive list, and that works great.
People seem not to admit that a NON-blue deck wins. Where is the problem, i mean, really ?
Is ravager shop unbeatable ? Absolutly not. Is it really good ? Of course; but did it won all tournaments for years ?
Don't you think that an Oath deck can't beat shop ? I've watch the semi between Rich Shay and Pat Fehling, on Inferno Oath. On g1 Fehling kept his 7 hand with : Library,underground sea, Fow and probe. No oath; of course you can hope there is no wasteland or stripe mine, hope your opponent kept a non-agressive hand, hope you draw ancestrall on your lib activation, find G source+oath ...but that hardly happens.
I would really like to know if Brian Kelly would have kept this hand against ravager shop. IMO this hand was great ... against a blue deck.
On g2, Fehling controls ravager with needle, kills threats with grudge and harcasts Griselbrand, everything seemed good...but there was metamorph in Shay's hand. How good it must be to metamorph Griselbrand ! So it was really close but metamorph wins only because Shay was able to cast Chalice on 2. IMO both played well that game but Shay had magic gods by his side.

And this will be my conclusion : of couse Top8 players are really good, but other players are very good too, you need to be lucky to reach top8 and win a tournament, just look at Kelly's 1/4 : 2 dig and almost nothing to play(and compare with 14 draws on grisel activation and finding the answer to avoid a lethale attack of Fehling's grisel by flashbacking his grudge on metamorph).