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Beep bop boop! Great job JP guess I shoulda played the one Johnny had built !!

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Who can help me get in contact with twaun?

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Any chance I can see this “black xerox” list??

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Title says June 19th

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I’m pretty sure a “big blue” deck just won the challenge this last weekend ?

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Let the bigs dog off the leash. I.E gush,scroll,brainstorm,flash and let’s see how fast Mishra workshop drops from being a “pillar” of the format and the majority start crying to get chalice and thorn back instead of axing MWS.

At this point it’s a bunch of mish mosh. To be able to use empirical data based on meta game %’s to justify restrictions then just simply ignore them the next time around is utterly ridiculous.
The problem is that the artifacts they keep printing just keeping pushing the power creep further and further without hitting the acceleration. It’s not even like they try new mechanics with the artifacts like they do with the “blue” based cards which quickly get restricted the cards are just that silly.
I would rather play in a 4 trinisphere vs burning long vs u/r standstill era then this crap we’ve been force fed for the past 4-5 years.

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@peach thank you ! Yup we know who Rueben is as Vito piccozzo and I often play very similar decks to him

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That hydra deck is pretty boss curious who he had to beat in t8/t4

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Where’s Garruk and Ral Zarek??

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I personally could never get behind adding the Dack/bolt package, adding the red always seemed so dangerous and not worth risking an already rock steady mana base.
Granted I had other cards available to me still when I was playing BuG and this list is more “controlling” then what I used to be to doing.

There also is a lot more tinker —> BsC now 🙂

K command and was one of the cards we tried as well when trying red and the 2nd grudge , first abrade/claim always seemed a little stronger.

Have you tried any of the 5cc black walkers out of board vs blue ? I.E Ob nixilis/Angrath ?

It’s great that BuG sees play as it’s a great alternative to the more mainstream strategies.
Best of luck if you keep working with the deck!