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@protoaddict said in November 18, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:

@evouga That has always been the issue of the restricted list. I remember talking about this when Treasure Cruise came out, because even with the restricted list suddenly every deck kinda had 2 recalls in their deck once that mistake was made. If they make a other similar mistake suddenly we have 3 in the format.

Personally I think restricting the mana bases is a good start. It does change the texture of the format but does protect it for potentially a longer time.

I mean, a lot of the Vintage mana base is already restricted, right? Sure, restricting Workshop, Ancient Tomb, Bazaar, and the various utility lands would hit the format hard, but I don't know that Xerox or other blue-based decks would be much phased, given that we already have access to 10 distinct fetchlands (five of which can get Islands), the original five duals and the Ravnica duals (many decks only run 1-2 copies of the original duals anyway), and in a pinch, new printings like Prismatic Vista.

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The really interesting question, which is bound to arise as Wizards keeps printing variants of existing effects: once an archetype is oppressive and all of its key components are already singletons, what now?

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@ten-ten said in November 18, 2019 Banned and Restricted Announcement:

Their reasoning is contradictory.

-there’s too much efficient card draw, so, we’ll restrict the card keeping it in check.

That's not how I read their rationale. Rather, it seems they're making the "Chalice of the Void argument": Vintage is defined by its efficient card draw, and Narset is too strong of a one-sided lock against a defining aspect of Vintage play, and so it has to go.

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I haven't had time to play much Vintage lately, but my understanding was that it was a dark time for Oath these days due to the Force of Vigor infestation of the format. Is this not actually an issue?

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This looks for three other islands, not three other basic islands. That seems to me a super-low bar to clear for almost any control deck in the mid-to-late game. Turning any top-decked fetchland into Noxious Revival seems good.

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Karn and Forge are expected and reasonable adjustments, but it’s the Misstep restriction that will shake Vintage to its core. Really interested to see how the metagame reacts.

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@fsecco said in [C19] Elsha of the Infinite:

@evouga are we even talking about similar decks when considering one or the other? This feels much more a control card than Citadel. Also, I disagree that Citadel is easier to cast than this. Citadel needs either Rituals or Tinker.

That's a fair question. I think the value Elsha provides is too marginal and the hoop too high to be attractive in a control shell... I'd worry you'll quite commonly hit a glut of lands or countermagic.

Also resolving Tinker is arguably easier than casting 2URW 😉

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Hrm I'm still more excited by Bolas's Citadel, I think.

Citadel is one mana more expensive, but in far less annoying colors, so you're probably looking to cheat Elsha into play. You have to pay mana for the spells you chain, which is a big minus compared to Citadel, and in return Elsha is a win condition on her(?) own (assuming you want to wait a turn to remove summoning sickness, which you probably do not) and the Flash ability gives you a bit of resilience to countermagic, since you can keep casting spells in response to any of the opponent's counterplay.