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I remember the sticky post on the old site used to call TMD "the academic journal of Vintage."

It's great to still have a place where long-form Vintage content is supported, even if taking the time to compose a forum post (which I understand takes a lot of effort, with no promotional spam or monetization), is no longer "hot" compared to new Internet communication platforms like Twitch, Discord, and Facebook. Discord and Facebook are great for terse exchanges, but not so much for careful analyses; and Twitch and YouTube are primarily write-only media rather than platforms for discussion.

There is a lot less Vintage content overall---the Super League is dead, So Many Insane Plays episodes have grown scarce, the big MtG sites have fewer and fewer articles about Vintage, and, as desolutionist very rightly points out, given current events many people (quite understandably) no longer prioritize Vintage in their lives. But I'm glad that TMD is still around and I really hope it doesn't get shut down. If the Vintage community gets relegated just to Facebook groups, a Discord, and some isolated Twitch streams, I won't bother with the format anymore.

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@chubbyrain1 Heaven forbid we compare new cards to old cards! A completely useless form of analysis, to be sure. Every card exists in a complete vacuum and the 20 years of history and experience playing with similar cards is surely useless for drawing any inferences about a new printing.

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The artifacts-only rider applies only to the original 3 colorless mana. The extra colorless mana can be spent however you like.

This is because it’s the Monument’s triggered mana ability, and not the Workshop itself, generating the extra mana.

Compare to “Whenever you tap a permanent for <>, it adds an additional <>” which would be affected by the rider.

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The abilities are insane but the 5-mana price tag damps my enthusiasm somewhat. If you're resolving 5-CMC artifacts, what else are you hoping to ramp into?

Of course there will be some games where you have a strong board presence already and the Monument pushes you over the edge. But is that really what Eldrazi or Aggro-shops needs? In other situations where you're mana-flooded and have lost the initiative (due to your board getting picked off by removal e.g.) the Monument doesn't do much, whereas something the The Immortal Sun both disrupts the opponent and helps you draw back into a competitive position.

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Wait, how does the "triangle" mechanic work? Is this basically just a split card? Or some kind of morph-type mechanic?

In any case, Windfall is good because you dump a handful of Moxen into play and then cast Windfall to reload back to seven cards. Valakut Awakening's Instant side is more like a Winds of Change that costs two mana extra, but you get to choose some cards to keep, and draw one extra card. Even if the Instant side is an optional morph you can play late-game by flipping the land, this effect seems awfully underpowered in Vintage.

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It's pretty hilarious with Parallax Tide, I guess? I dunno.

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The last sentence should be changed to something like:

Add 3 mana of any one color used to pay Mana Incubator's mana cost.

The second sentence doesn't really work under the rules:

Mana Incubator's mana cost must be paid with mana of any color.

However if you delete this sentence I think it would work as you intended: you could activate its sacrifice ability, but the ability would do nothing if no mana was paid to cast the Incubator, or if you paid with colorless mana.

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I dunno, those red and black lands are awful close to actually being good.

Maybe make the red one give haste to a creature, and the black one exiles a card from a graveyard.

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This card gets better the slower the format. So I largely agree with @BlindTherapy that this land would be busted in Standard (among other places).

In Vintage? Eh. The opportunity cost early game is very high, where loss of access to colored mana is effectively setting you back a turn. The land's power level peaks around T3-T5, where you already have a mana base established and the card you draw is essentially free. A redraw when you topdeck the land in the grindy endgame is pretty nice too. I'm sure many decks would try to make room for a few of these by trimming colored mana sources, or off-color moxen, but there are real tradeoffs to doing so.

On a scale of busted Vintage lands, from 0=Sorrow's Path to 10=Bazaar of Baghdad, I think this one's about a 7 or 8, around the power level of Mystic Sanctuary.

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Very interesting, but probably more cute than lethal. You can try to win on the spot by casting some absurd sorcery from your graveyard (e.g. Enter the Infinite) though there's the danger that you will whiff, or that your opponent can counter your haymaker. Or you can just play the usual strong Vintage spells (including Yawgmoth's Will) and plan to Scholar purely for value. The issue here though is that it's unclear why Scholar is better than Sun Titan for Underworld Breach.