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Knowing how to maximize your use of Engineered Explosives against Sphere effects and Chalice.

Most people are aware of using colorless manner to get around chalice, but also paying two or more of one color can play around chalice ( and Misstep if explosives on one counter is needed).

Also being aware with a taxing effect, you can announce x to be less than the number of counters you will need and use the tax as a way to add extra colors to the payment (ie. announce x is one with Thalia in play and pay UW for your explosives to have two counters on it to kill Thalia)

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Thanks, I was the Bomberman pilot. Hope of Ghirapur was terrible (not to much surprise really, especially as I faced 8 shop matches) and should be an Engineered Explosives. Also, Karn severely overperformed. In this deck he may be better than Jace.

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If anyone coming tomorrow could bring me a Sunscorched Desert it would be helpful. In the process of getting ready to move and my draft chaff is in storage.


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Hopefully I should be there for this one.

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Is it because falafel is an artifact and grants you +2/+2?

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Maybe not for Vintage, but I can see Modern Lantern Control wanting a tutor for Ensnaring Bridge and Crucible .