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Yeah, I’d be down.

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Esper Karnage and UW Control are what I'm interested in seeing in action!

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@kapitalismus That's cool, thanks for the insight. I was being tongue in check when I alluded to BK decks, so interesting to see that you guys playtested a lot. I didn't see the maindeck Grudges initially, so it's a nice little combo with Coating as well. Gorilla Shaman would be super cool to run. Mental Misstep is omnipresent unfortunately. Maybe it's still good enough in spite of that.

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@fsecco Touche. Guess my memory of that discussion is a little hazy haha.

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Tragic Lesson? Boy is that a bad Gush impersonator. Don’t think that card was ever discussed anywhere, and here it is in the winning deck list!

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Are you sure you didn't copy this from Brian Kelly's notebook? This is full of spice, I like it! Thrun is one of my favorite cards and is just hilarious in Blue match-ups.

Is the Coating just to combo with Dack and steal stuff? I kind of feel like that's it's only purpose, which I'm unsure is that valuable. But otherwise, looks fun!

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@blindtherapy there is a new buy a box promo for Dominaria that is only available through that means. source

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@moorebrother1 said in Damping Sphere:

@enderfall I like this idea. Tezzeret the Seeker plus Seat of Synod is a Statis lock with a built in WinCon.

Excellent idea. Forgotten about that interaction.

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One of the things rattling in my brain today is the idea to pair DS with Stasis. It’s probably terrible, as most of my idea usually are.

Individually they are OK, but as a pair it seems like a pretty hard lock, provided you can continue to exploit Stasis without resorting to jank like Reset, or whatever the more appropriate card might be.

I’m thinking a control build that is “heavy” on planeswalkers and fast mana. Would likely be RUG or RUGw. Here is a quick draft I thought of:

4x Stasis
3x Damping Sphere (4th would be in the board since its not a particularly great play after first couple of turns)

2x Jace TMS
2x Kiora the crashing Wave
1x Karn Scion of Urz
1x Teferi Hero of Dominaria
1x Fastbond
1x Voltaic Key
1x Time Vault
2x Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy

1x Ancestral Recall
1X Time Wall
1x Brainstorm
1X Ponder
1x Preordain/Gitaxian Probe

3x Mana Drain
1x Flusterstorm
4x Force of Will
2x Mental Misstep

18x Lands
1x Chrom Mox
2x Mox Opal
6x SoLoMox

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@blindtherapy said in [C17] Kess, Dissident Mage:

@enderfall said in [C17] Kess, Dissident Mage:

" As the number of foil-only cards increases"

this is true even if they just print a thousand new cards a year and only one of them is foil, of course.

OK, but we all know what Elliot meant by this: they will continue to print foil commander cards and other exclusive cards from time to time. That’s not going to change just because of this announcement. If anything, it now gives them leeway to do it more often. I don’t think they would leverage this in that way, but they certainly can if they wanted.

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@chubbyrain Fair enough, maybe "marginalized" was too tough of a word, but we'll see in the long run how significant of a change it is. Looking forward to seeing the stream tonight when I can catch up.

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" As the number of foil-only cards increases"

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@hierarchnoble Too bad Chandra has been marginalized by the ridiculous change in the planeswalker rules. I'll have to check out that vid though to see how that deck could have been helped by DS.

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Is there any way to abuse this in a heavy planeswalker build? Something Jeskai with Jace, Baby Jace, Dack, Narset, new Teferi, etc.? Deathrite also plays well, since it's basically a 1 mana walker... Planeswalkers break the symmetry of one spell per turn (yes, you can play more than 1, but it becomes fairly cost prohibitive), so maybe that's the best way to abuse this?

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@moorebrother1 It's a timing issue. Each league is timed up with new set releases, of which Dominaria was just released. When you go to the league page, make sure you keep track of the "League Ends" date, as that will show you when the fewest # of players will be, and the following day would begin the new league.

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@fsecco OK, I guess the point was lost in my attempt for brevity. Let me explain:

What other purpose would be to have a restricted “window”, other than to control the perceived loss of value to the card? That is the primary concern along with an exodus of Shops players who are so jaded that they just quit immediately (maybe they don’t sell right away, but if they never play a tournament for 12 months then that’s just as unhealthy for the format).

It doesn’t make practical sense. As I said, if we all decide that Vintage is better after 12 months with Shop restricted and thus keep it permanent, guess what, you essentially delayed the deflation of the market by 12 months and the players that would quit either already did it or do it at the 12 month mark. the end result is essentially the same.

Maybe that makes more sense? I’m not saying that they literally can’t do it, but that it wouldn’t make any realistic sense as it doesn’t accomplish anything.

The only positive outcome is that the format realizes that Shops is necessary and that the restriction is undone. I still think that there will be an exodus of Shops players so that there will always be a negative consequence to the temporary restriction.

Side note: I don’t believe the cost of Shops is going to be affected too much. Has anyone seen the value of Juzam Djinn lately? That card is played in exactly one (casual) format and is just as expensive. But that’s just my opinion. I know I wouldn’t sell them until I decide to sell my entire collection.

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@fsecco said in Workshop is a pillar of vintage -Aaron Forsythe:

I wonder if they did a temporary restriction would be a nice way to approach it. Like "Workshop is restricted but will be unrestricted again 1 year from now".
Would give a lot of time to see what really happens to the format without it.

What happens when people find the temporary format vastly superior? Not saying that I believe that to be the case or not, but I would believe a temporary restriction to be practically speaking impossible.