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My tourney report is a lot shorter:

Fastbond is good.
20 out of 20.
Would Fastbond again.

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Sure was a fun event. Red bull was in fact used extensively during the "Yangtime" Top8 announcement. Malort was also utilized to keep myself and the other Top8 competitors in a state of constant distress.

Note on one of the pictures above: It's not actually of Kevin vs myself, but of our RD3 match. (See the light outside)

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@Solomoxen said:

  1. There was a judge call from a bystander regarding a TKS, StP interaction where he would have hidden the drawn card from me prior to my enter play trigger.

Quick side note about this one: it's a legal play for him to hope you miss your detrimental leaves-play TKS trigger, resolve the ETB one, then call a judge to get you a warning for missing a detrimental trigger and to have that trigger put on the stack. It's your responsibility to remember your own triggers, especially the detrimental ones.

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Regarding Song of the Dryads:

Something nice about it is that it dodges Flusterstorm, which usually means they have to Force it or Drain it. If you think they will just remove it, you can keep a Wasteland effect open and Wasteland the enchanted permanent in response to their removal if you suspect they just want to disenchant it and move on. It makes it into a Forest, not a Basic Forest 😄

Edit: If you have a Land Drop and a Wasteland in hand, your opponent might even let the Song resolve despite having countermagic if they (falsely) think they can just disenchant it. Just make sure you play the Wasteland as soon as you have priority after the Song resolves.