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My tourney report is a lot shorter:

Fastbond is good.
20 out of 20.
Would Fastbond again.

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@garbageaggro Can confirm. Strip Mine is a cool card.

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I could see Grove/Fire getting the axe due to the 21 liability, though PFire seems like the most resilient way to end Planeswalkers though.

Thoughts on using the tiny bit of black in the manabase for a MD Demonic Tutor? Seems pretty decent in any match that you'd likely bring Decays in for.

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@hierarchnoble Do we have a Lands thread? If not, we should probably make one.

Also, how much of this do we want to move? We should give Brassy more specifics as to make it easier for him to "get right". Maybe we just cherry-pick everything onto a dedicated Lands thread?

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Regarding Song of the Dryads:

Something nice about it is that it dodges Flusterstorm, which usually means they have to Force it or Drain it. If you think they will just remove it, you can keep a Wasteland effect open and Wasteland the enchanted permanent in response to their removal if you suspect they just want to disenchant it and move on. It makes it into a Forest, not a Basic Forest 😄

Edit: If you have a Land Drop and a Wasteland in hand, your opponent might even let the Song resolve despite having countermagic if they (falsely) think they can just disenchant it. Just make sure you play the Wasteland as soon as you have priority after the Song resolves.

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@hierarchnoble Ah, I very much approve of this list. I'm really sad that I missed the league, since Tuesdays are when I play my weekly Legacy. I hope you manage to run this back for another 5-0 in the future!

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@poxeveryturn I personally avoid Crucible like the plague because I really don't want it Dack'd. Ramunap at least would eat a StP that would be at Larit Lage otherwise.