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At eternal weekend last year my opponent had a sphinx of steel wind. I tinkered myr battlesphere, tapped tolarian for a massive amount of mana, chain of vapor the battlesphere, twice and cast it again twice in a single turn. next turn I attacked and tapped 12 myr to kill him before lifelink damage. This was all from my paradoxical outcome deck which battlesphere is the only creature

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Stumble is the right word.and I'm a newb so my report sux

my Buddy mike hasn't played since 1994. I played in ONE vintage event since 1995. So we both sleeved up my paradoxical brew and went.

first match was 5 color humans. I chain of vapored the thalia and key/vault both games.
post board I have 10 bounce spells so game 2 I just kept bouncing the taxes till I cast a timetwister

second game was a charbelcher deck. I just countered the charbelcher one game and pithing needle the second

at this point I'm WAY ahead of where I thought I'd be
round 3 was mentor. I really went off in this one and assembled key/vault early both games

round 4
a paradoxical outcome/storm deck. I hit the boarded in the chalice of the void game 2 and he was done.

round 5
no idea. I never saw enough of the deck

round 6
this is where it gets interesting. I had to play Joe Brennan on camera. me in my awesome old guy Harley/hawiian shirt... Him with a classic old guy pony tail.
game 1 I lost the die roll but went off in the first turn after casting an outcome and key/vault. Unfortunately, We had built Joes deck to play against but got hammered the night before instead of play testing. I didn't see enough of his deck to sideboard correctly and got mauled game 2. Game 3 was close but I died to a few mentor tokens/ flippy jace/time walk/time walk
now I'm 5-1 after a tight game with a great player so I felt pretty good

round 7
paired against Brian Kelly..crap. I'm a total scrub and I know the name
Game 1 I played my only "bad" game where I had 3 keys out with massive mana and only drew 1 card from my top... which got countered on the way back down.
Game 2 was rough.. I tinkered for myr ball in turn 1 but Brian was holding natures claim and 2 ancient grudge. oof. A buddy told me to ditch the mindbreak trap in my board for flusterstorm, but I didn't have any ... of course I lose to a flusterstorm holding mindbreak in my hand.

round 8 was against a dude I met at the old should tourney a few nights earlier. he was doing paradoxical charbelcher(?!?)
he tossed down a mana crypt, mana vault, and a mox. he went all in against my paradoxical and went FOW into pact of negation. I went full mana denial on him by needling the mox. eventually I combed off
I'm in 24th place with 1 round to go. not a bad run for a scrub.. but I feel like I lost to 2 great decks with very good pilots.

final round is against ravager shops
I key/vault early game 1
we sideboard and he breaks one of my sleeves while shuffling after. he apologizes a lot and I assure him its no problem. last round of the day anyway.
he gets out some taxes, ravagers, and a factory. I bounce a few but I need action at 4 life. end of turn I bounce a thorn so there only 1 tax and rip......tinker with vault in play!
I'm fetching tinker and see that some of my sideboard cards are upside down. I mention to him that it wasn't his fault the sleeve broke... "JUDGE!!!!!!"
I'd been playing for about 10 hours at this point and I couldn't believe it.
the judge came over, gave me a warning and told us to continue. I was so pissed I tilted bad. I didn't want to play not one more game. I scooped with tinker still resolving for the key.
I played game 3 I but I got taxed out.
I was more upset at myself for tilting so bad. I'm old enough that these things don't usually bother me, and I still feel like I did pretty well.
I only lost 1 game 1 all day and that was to Kelly.

my paradoxical list won't be in the top 16 but it sure was fun.

1 x Grim Monolith
1 x Lotus Petal
1 x Mana Crypt
1 x Mana Vault
1 x Memory Jar
1 x Mox Jet
1 x Mox Pearl
1 x Mox Ruby
1 x Mox Sapphire
4 x Sensei's Divining Top
1 x Sol Ring
1 x Time Vault
3 x Voltaic Key
4 x Mox Opal
1x black lotus
1 x Expedition Map

1 x Ancestral Recall
1 x Merchant Scroll
4 x Paradoxical outcome
1 x Time Walk
1 x Timetwister

4 x thoughtcast
1 x tezzeret the seeker
1 x mental misstep
1 x mstical tutor
4 x force of will
1x myr battlesphere
4 x chain of vapor
1 x tinker

2 x Scalding Tarn
4 x Seat of the Synod
2 x island
1 x Tolarian Academy
1 x Volcanic Island
1 x Wheel of Fortune

the sideboard was this but it seemed to suck:

4 needles
3 echoing truth
2 grafdigger cage
1 chalice of the void
2 repeal
1 mindbreak trap
2 mental misstep

edited: formatted the post a little to make it easier to read - Brass Man

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You are correct!
Upon further testing, paradoxical will Warp every format. Here's a better list

1 sol ring
1 mana vault
1 mana crypt
4 riddlesmith
4 paradoxical
1 ancestral
1 timetwister
4 retract
4hurkyles recall
4 thoughtcast
5 moxen
4 Mox opal
1 lotus petal
1 black lotus
4 monestary mentor
4 cavern of souls
4 senseis top
1 tolarian academy
2 tundra
1 minamo. At waters edge
1 brainstorm
2 exploration map
4 chain of vapor
1 gitaxian probe

Not sure what to do about notion thief

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The greatest thing you ever saw was a dispute on magic rules in Afghanistan. so.. picture it.. everyone is heavily armed and there's a rules question. We don't have any judges so I just make the call as best I can. The prize support was a half box for the 30 of us so sometimes it got a little heated. Generally everyone was just happy to get to draft and pay a little. I sold the packs for $3 each cash which was near cost with shipping. It also helped the last time that innistrad was awesome to draft.

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My cousins and I played in Germantown, Wi in 1993 where I bought Arabian for $1.15 a pack. When I came home on leave from Marine Boot Camp I played a ton with my buddy Mike (whom I played with this past weekend). In 94 I deployed to Italy and bought a lot of Italian legends. In 95 I was stationed in Beaufort, SC and got a play group together where I traded a ton and ended up with the moxen and a lotus. deployed on the uss Roosevelt in 96-97 and the uss washinton in 98 where I played magic with the sailors a ton. in 1999 I was stationed in cherry point, NC and played sporadically at the lgs. I stopped playing about 2002, moved to SoCal in 2003 and didn't play again till I got divorced in 2009. in 2010 I deployed to Afghanistan where I arranged a Friday night magic tourney at the USO. We drafted cards I had sent out and the USO provided good prize support. I did the same thing in 2011-12 in Afghanistan. about then I met a few folks at the LGS that wanted to play legacy so I dusted off the old cards and built reanimator. eventually all the locals that had power wanted to sling so now we get together once a month and play old school/vintage. Mike and I went to eternal weekend last year after not playing in a real tourney since 95. The results are funny and on camera.
I wish I could play online but I cant get myself to buy digital cards.

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Great report.
My group commented on how great of a group the goyfs were this weekend.
I played a couple of you guys and had a blast.

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I was on almost the same paradoxical list as last year. its running 3 chain of vapor main and no misstep. I got rolled by a kambal in the first match, then beat shops twice, beat dredge, lost to pyromancer in round 5. Round 6 I won against a deck I think was shops but I went off t1 in game 1 and the poor guy mulled to 4 game 2. I got to see his beautiful alpha lotus and that was about it. Round 7 opponent had trinisphere t1 on the play game 1. I won game 2 and he had trinisphere t1 game 3 (again!) which I forced. He then dumped lotus, null rod still in t1 game 3. Unfortunately I pitched a chain of vapor to the FOW and kept my time walk (because I had planned to tinker for a blightsteel with FOW backup but it cost me the game).
Next year I need to take it a little easier at old school. I played a very good player round 1 and I was just trying not to puke on him.
Saturday I was playing old school in the hall and Joe Brennan walked up and remembered my name from our feature match last year and commented that it was a great match. Class act.
I don't think the sky is falling with the top 8 representation. I'd look at the names and not the decks.

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Excellent points from everyone.

  1. I thought the tourney would be full of dredge and shops. Even though I was defeated by Kelly on oath last year I decided to specifically build a PO deck to beat dredge and shops.
  2. After extensive testing, I did indeed main board hurkly's recall, chain of vapor, and a ton of shops hate. I went 3-0 vs shops and 1-0 vs dredge but I lost to misstep decks because I took mine out for a better shops game.
  3. I used to argue with folks about nerfing misstep to hurt shops but as I play more I am seeing the logic.
  4. I decided to stop packing so much dredge hate in the future. Instead I'm going to go all in and just race them which should open more sideboard slots for oath and shops.

I think most folks play so little vintage that the good players have an enormous advantage. Understanding the key cards in matchups can propel most any deck deep into the tourney.
I will say that I played a lot of capable players this year. The meta felt fine and I think that there are viable options for decks other than dredge, oath, PO, and shops that can win but you do need to be prepared to play all of these decks.

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I have built a LOT of stasis.
hard to kill people with a black vice in a world full of moxen and a deck with no taxes.
here are my suggestions.
you need 4 forsaken city. especially if you run howling mine.
agree with the above, time vault is necessary.
replace the noble hierarc with garruk wildspeaker. the hierarc is the only creature in your deck and it will eat STP all day. ramanup excavator or crucible would be good too to play misty rainforest and fetch all your trops and islands.
replace regrowth with elvish spirit guide to enable t1 stasis
ditch the mox opal and seat of synod for 2 basic island
ditch the thwart for a root maze
replace natures claim for jace beleren and a maindeck mindbreak trap
for zombie infestations, I'd go with a crop rotation plan and get the tabernacle or possibly a glacial chasm. this would make ramanup better too by cycling the glacial chasm and never paying life.
ill try to find some of my old lists that I lost a lot with....

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I built a straight reanimator/ storm deck that did well. 4x cabal ritual 4X dark rit, add artifact mana and go for it. plan A was reanimate. plan B was hard cast grizz. plan C was tendrils. It worked pretty well but it might just be the 2nd best graveyard strategy in vintage.