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It's a solitary confinement combo, using by intutitions to fetch squee and then backup for that 2 card combo, thoughts and edits is what I'm asking for

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Undiscovered paradise,4
Land grant,4
5 forest

Gemstone mine,4
Birds of paradise' 4
Call of the herd,4
, Epithany @ the drownyard
Replenish, 4
Burning wish, 4

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Solitary confinement , 4

Intuition, 4
Squee, goblin nabob, 4
Morphling, 1
4x psycatog
Juju bubble ,1
Wheel of Fortune ,1
Memory Jar,1
Basking rootwalla,4
Linn sivvi,4
Defiant falcon,4
Ramosian sergeant4,
Fact or fiction,4
Gifts ungiven,4
Crop rotation,1
Land tax,4

Mox Amber,1
Sol ring,1
Voltaic key,1
Mox opal,4
Lotus petal,4

Faerei conclave,4
Tolarian Academy,1
Maze of ith,1
Rishadan port,4
Library of Alexanderia,1