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@volrathxp Did you just replace sun titan with molderhulk? Any chance I could see the list?

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@moorebrother1 I'm not sure about threats but I can definitely see the case for boarding in more spells like removal and more efficient counterspells like flusterstorm. Don't get me wrong FoW is fantastic in the mirror but I don't know how much I'd like to 2 for 1 myself against a blue player.

Disclaimer I have very little experience on xerox and other blue decks.

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Now here's the real question.

How do you fellas feel about cutting FoW in blue mirrors? Do you gain enough of an advantage to justify losing to a turn one play (eg. Mentor)?

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It seems good, definitely playable. I'll give it a shot when it drops but I feel like I'll miss the versatility of sun titan. There's no better feeling in vintage than barely squeaking out a victory against shops by recurring serenity over and over.

@BlindTherapy keep me posted on the testing fam

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@vaughnbros Yeah it's got a bit of a price tag but it seems really promising, I'll have to buy a set of Loam's tonight and give it a shot, although I'll have to use mindbreak trap over force and think of a budget replacement for the canopy's and unmask.

Maybe I'll try tranquil thicket for now.

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@vaughnbros Woah that's a super cool list. I'll have to scrounge up the tickets for force and unmask... I'd love to see it in action some time!

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@vaughnbros Is there anyway we could get your current list?

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@Brass-Man I hope you have a great Christmas too!

Merry Christmas all!

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If I'm not mistaken I believe he's running a singleton Powder Keg for the shops mirror and Landstill matchup since it blows up man lands.