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I have a tried this deck a little bit, just testing it out with a friend but have not tried it on mtgo yet. My question is whether or not the Grove of the Burnwillows are necessary? We found that often gaining the opponent life would matter, as it would make Lage take an additional swing to kill them.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? And if so, is it simply something we have to live with because punishing fire is an absolute necessity?

On mtgo the meta seems to be a lot of URx draw-go decks, not a ton of shops or dredge, survival here and there, almost 0 oath decks, played against it 1 time in the past month. PO exists too, but not in incredibly high numbers, I'm usually the one playing it myself, more often than not my opponent is on a blue deck. Not sure how I would configure the 75 for that, or if the deck would even be a good choice in that field.