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@dstinct said in Vintaholics Anonymous:

Yup. One of the most interesting things Vintage does for me is seeing cards that were originally rarely played when released becoming bombs now that they interact with a card considered unplayable in a new set. A perfect example for me was what happened to flash when newer creatures came out. I've had a playset of them since Mirage as I bought a bunch of it when it came out. They just sat in my binder.

Good sentiment, bad example. Flash was reworded in May 2007 to break it just in time for a Legacy Grand Prix in Columbus. The two main creatures that helped to break it, Academy Rector and Protean Hulk, were printed in February 1999 and May 2006 respectively.

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@ajfirecracker said in SMIP 97: Theros Beyond Death Vintage Set Review:

Nice episode 🙂

The only cards that seem to have any real potential are Underworld Breach and Soul-Guide Lantern.

Breach is very exciting, although we'll have to see how widely it gets adopted.

Lantern to me doesn't feel head and shoulders above the other options, just a nice tool in the toolbox alongside Crypt, Relic, etc.

An excerpt from this article that did more research than you did:

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