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If I was going to go with this format, maybe limiting the number of artifacts each deck got would be useful, as this type of format could be easily won by a white deck with island sanctuary/moat, sweepers, millstones and howling mines and swords. since only green has tranquility to remove the enchantments and blue to bounce, that means red and black are on the fast train to hosetown.

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@serracollector Don't forget immolation, rushing river and manabarbs are all very good red spells for a RUG enchantress. In fact, power surge is also good for helping make counterspells blank.

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I currentlly have the following built-

GW Ernhamgeddon
UR Counterburn/skies
Urzatron Machine Head
Arboria Thallids

Under construction I have parts of
Disco trolls
White Weenie
U/G Beatsticks

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@Smmenen the reason why you cannot find any historical lists with basalt monolith and power artifact is because basalt monolith recieved power level erratta that said mana from basalt monolith could not be used to untap basalt monolith.

It was designed to stop combo decks that were using goblin rocket launcher if I am remembering my 23 year old combo decks correctly. They were blue black decks being used right before legends was released.

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@Thewhitedragon69 said in Some kind of explosive deck wanted.:


You can run fully functional underpowered anything for under $1K. I don't think the point is to run an inferior deck, though. Not saying your list is bad, but no way can you convince me that lotus petal is just better than black lotus. You can make anything "work" with budget replacement cards, but I think the OP wants a fully functional and OPTIMAL explosive list. While black lotus probably is just better in every deck and puts everything out of budget range, decks without lotus and on-color moxen can really only be justified in a deck with null rod effects imho. Eldrazi fits that bill in the right build.

The reality is, an oathstill deck wants an oath asap. Extra fast mana isn't all that important.

Within the listed budget, there aren't many options. Just flatly dismissing an unpowered list, you have to understand exactly how crucial or not power is to that list. I regularly go toe to toe with proxied fully powered vintage decks with a similar build.

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Under $600, assuming you own zero of the cards.

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You can build a fully functional unpowered titan combo oath deck for far less than $1200, including buying forces. Looking up my list now.

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Lotus petal has been restricted damn near forever, and it's unrestriction seems like both a safe move and a smart move for budget players.

My only worry would be that it might make Mox opal too good and require restriction.

What do ya'll think?

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I might be able to make this one. If I can I will probably bring a few people with me.

I am going to ask around this weekend. 10 proxies should be enough to power me up.

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Back heap many moons ago, we used to beat shops with careful, thoughtful use of counter magic, removing key cards in the graveyard ( strip mine) and running at least 6 basics.

Mind you, our team consisted of fish and madness players, along with some red green hyper aggro and oath builds.

Sadly, even budget decks now are built completely different from when I was stomping shop players.

I do remember that we were at one point side boarding 3 ancient tomb in blue white fish to help against shops.