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Thank you for your advice ! I'll start with sapphire, though will probably never be able to afford the lotus.

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Thanks !
The U/R Delver list is strange, 2 MD ancient grudge without green mana ?
Wouldn't those be abrades ?

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I'll test chart a course as well, it seems a nice potential addition.

A question for you guys : I already have an ancestral & a time walk, I'm thinking about which piece of power to buy next - keeping in mind I almost exclusively play UR aggro.
Would you go for a Ruby ? A library of alexandria (not power, but nearly the same to me) ? Or wait 2 or 3 month until you can afford a sapphire ?

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So, has your testing been conclusive ?
It seems that only powered white lists have shown results lately, maybe colorless is no longer fit for the metagame ?

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OK, thanks !

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Thank you for your insights !

@stsung : splashing white, would you play a singleton mentor maindeck ? I feel like I would only like to fetch a tundra for a side silver bullet, and that without the full moxen, it would be harder to protect. I'd love your advice there.

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I definitely think playing the full "dack-delve" engine is one direction o take the deck. It benefits as well from snapcaster. Being rather mana intensive, it excludes playing wastelands and maybe null rods.

Though I still think going full tempo (with no 3-drops, wastelands, more burn/smash to smithereens) should be an option.
Why do you think wasteland puts you necessarily behind ?

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UR Delver used to be my deck of choice before the gush/probe restriction.
Now that Mentor is restricted, I'll probably go back to it.
I'd like to discuss the options for building the deck.

The creature suite
4 delvers and 4 pyromancers would be a given.
Some options for additional critters :

  • 1-2 snapcasters for the mid-late game
  • 2-4 harsh mentors

The engine
4 preordain and the restricted draw/cantrips would be a given
Additional options - not including them would leave more room for creatures / counterspells / mana denial :

  • 1-2 dack fayden
  • 1-2 jace VP

The mana denial
Optional, better if numerous :

  • 1-4 wastelands
  • 1-3 null rods

Maindeck hate

  • 0-2 smash to smithering

Possible splashes

  • White : opens up maindeck swords / stony silence and side containment priest / RiP / stony silence
  • Green : mostly for ancient grudge
  • Black : mostly for discard (therapy, thoughtseize), yet much less potent without probe

Let's spark the discussion 🙂

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@Brass-Man I'd be very interested in some feedback on your tests, if you had time to do some. Do you have enough gas to beat mentor ?

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@Serracollector I juste LOVE grim flayer as a card. Could you please share your current list ? Thanks !