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I play Vintage and Legacy, and am focusing on being able to build all decks in those formats.

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Playing against the Lantern deck was definitely interesting. Game 3 I had to break my own Standstill and I wasn't sure I was going to win it. Fortunately he only got one of my Stony Silences.

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Hi, my name's David, I'm from DFW in Texas, where there are very few Vintage players. I like to build as many decks as possible and have been focusing recently on keeping my collection as trim but flexible as possible.

Most of my Magic time is spent on judging, and most of my judge comp feeds my eternal collection. If you are ever at an event in the area, say hello!

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"There were nine Eldrazi decks in the top eight"

I'm not sure what number goes at the end there, but I'm certain it's not eight.