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Ankh of Mishra?

I’m not sure how the damage redirection works anymore, but maybe you can redirect the damage to W&6

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Have you tried Swords to Plowshares?

I wouldn’t mess with Tabernacles, just load up on Swords and Paths and play control. You should otherwise be able to handle Memnite and Rootwalla

It’s good to have relevant cards. When I play Xerox I play 4 Wastelands, 4 Plows and maindeck graveyard hate. You make one-for-one trades and win with superior card advantage. You might just not be playing enough relevant cards. Silver bullets won’t work as well as just playing enough relevant cards that cost one mana or less.

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@vaughnbros said in UG Grow-a-Titan:

I think it’s a cool concept. Just some thoughts, I’d have two major questions if I were to work on this list:

  1. Is 1 Gush + 2 Daze enough land bouncing? The quality of other options is not great, but there are cards, like Ghostly Flicker, that get around the land drop issue altogether, and Trade Routes that provides an engine to return your lands.

  2. Is 6 explores and 0 fastbonds/explorations the correct configuration for additional land drops? I know there are diminishing returns on Fastbond effects due to the card disadvantage and this deck doesn’t completely need the effect, but the first one seems like it might be worth it if you are running into a lot of land drop issues.

If making land drops is an issue, I highly recommend trying out the blue counterspell, “Thwart”. I used to play it in Vintage Stasis around 2015 and it was quite impressive. And if making land drops also becomes a thing, then I have to also recommend the card, “Stasis”. It’s pretty powerful

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For nostalgia I started picking up middle school cards. I can’t really afford Academy Rectors or Mox Diamonds, but 90 cent Spiritmongers, 2 dollar Exalted Angels and Vindicates, and 30 cent Psychatogs will do!

It’s funny how people go wild over cards that destroy Planeswalkers. Meanwhile Vindicate has sweet art and is sitting in the dollar bin

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The greatest memory of magic I have is when I first started playing... Like the day or two of. Basically my deck was just every card I owned. One of the creatures had a fascia peel and I couldn't even read its stats. We would just play at the kitchen table, like 4 of us. Sometimes 1 on 1 at the picnic table at the park (no sleeves). This product reminds me of capturing that moment.

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Yeah it looks really fun. I'm actually going to preorder it.

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I want to buy a couple pre-cons so I can try playing MTG with my fiancé. Are there any recommendations? I can see the older ones seem pretty bland in comparison to the new “duel decks”.

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I like the idea. Similarly though what about just poison? That deck is (was?) a turn 2 combo deck in Pauper. Using things like Invigorate and Mutagenic Growth

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My dad wants me to look into UIPath certifications. It seemed to be over my head though. What other certs are good to get for an entry level / intern coding position?

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Hey I like you Joe but I have to give this article some criticism with regards to your comment about Goblins. You said tribal goblins has never existed before in Vintage, however in the earlier days of Vintage it wouldn’t be uncommon to find a goblins deck (or two) at a local tournament.

I won my very first piece of power after defeating a goblins deck in top 4 sometime in 2005/2006. I’ve also played it on MTGO as soon as Vintage became a playable mtgo format and put up multiple 3-1s or better in the dailies. There have also been others in recent years to play blue based goblins in mtgo vintage events.

You also must realize that Goblins used to dominate Legacy and anytime a local store would run a Vintage event, it would be easy to port. Just throw in Chalices, Null Rods, Blood Moons, etc. and blue decks can have a surprisingly difficult time against it. And I’m not even talking about Food Chain goblins which has also been a thing.

Goblins actually has a history in the format. It doesn’t have much staying power, but it’s definitely been a thing. Restricting Chalice hurt it quite a bit.

Here’s a 143 post thread on Goblins from 2012:

Here’s one my lists from 2014:

And I assure you there is a lot more than this out there. It’s a shame we no longer can use because I would expect hundreds of results containing goblin tribal.

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The best card to recast with the first one is Time Walk.

This is pretty much like Rune-Scarred Demon, which I’ve always thought was pretty good.

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Just to play devils advocate, elves gets wrecked by Pyroclasm more so than Force of Will.

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Yeah the cool thing about goblins is you have that combo potential but also can just play dudes and attack with some mild disruption like Null Rod. As far as activated abilities go: there's Krenko Mob Boss.

Earwig Squad comes to mind as something that's been good for me in Vintage. There's some good goblins for destroying artifacts/eldrazi.

Nevermind Goblins can still just play like a turn 3/4 aggro deck on the back of Lackey, Piledriver, and Warchief. If only it had Chalice.

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There’s been an absolutely broken Goblin card revealed for m21.

Conspicuous Snoop {R}{R}
Creature — Goblin Rogue
Play with the top card of your library revealed.
You may cast Goblin spells from the top of your library.
As long as the top card of your library is a Goblin card, Conspicuous Snoop has all activated abilities of that card.

As someone who likes playing Goblins in Vintage, I will be trying this card!

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@evouga said in [M21] Eliminate:

@thewhitedragon69 You can play Ancient Tombs, I guess.

Yeah or any land for the matter... as well as FoN. And then you can invalidate Shop's entire board state with 3 lands and 1 spell.

But we can just keep sweeping things under the carpet, play highlander decks, and chalk up losses to chance. It's cool. I'll continue to advocate for a small restriction list, but there isn't much point getting into the nitty gritty since there is no good evidence. I understand Narset puts up 7/8 in what I would describe a "lame-duck" format, but if the restriction list is what I imagine it to be, Narset probably isn't even a playable card in most decks. Once again, no evidence either way. There is an unleashed tournament next month though, but who cares? Vintage is already on the trajectory its on.

Restrictions necessitate more restrictions

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Smother! I used to play that in the sideboard in GAT. This would be pretty solid for Doomsday in order to destroy a Narset without splashing a third color. But Narset is restricted now its probably not worth it.

Another example of how the restriction list invalidates interesting and available counterplay.

Now you just acknowledge if they resolve Narset you just lose. You “play the odds”. If they have 4 Narset, you could justify having a strategy to deal with it. Similarly with Trinisphere: you’re far more incentivized to have a plan for it when there are 4. When there is only 1 Trinisphere, you’re just accepting random game losses.

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@blindtherapy said in New Companion Errata:

@boerma said in New Companion Errata:

+1 card for 3 mana is Divination. Divination is not a playable card.

if you could give up a sideboard slot for a once per game ability to pay 3 mana at sorcery speed to draw a random card, would you?

Not if people still play dredge. Keep in mind you’re also giving up Mentor and/or Tinker.

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I think mana cost has a big influence over what gets played in Vintage. Usually the higher mana cost cards end up being liabilities since your mana base is constantly being attacked or you need to win quickly before you're able to make significant mana developments. People may be attracted to trying Lurrus again if it were to be unbanned but when they realize that they're never actually casting Lurrus that often, they will remove Lurrus in order to play a valuable sideboard card in addition to 3 cmc cards such as Mentor or Narset. Investing two turns into a single 3 mana card that isn't immediately winning the game isn't good.

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If this tax doesn't matter, then Whispers of the Muse is the best draw spell in the game

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Yeah I agree to an extent. I think it can be reduced to basically just power 8 + Demonic Tutor. (Unleashing Wheel and Twister).

I will say that Gush is clearly the best blue deck and Flash is clearly the best combo deck, so I can understand restricted Merchant Scroll.

I try not to fuss too much about it though because I'm just glad this exists.