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@garbageaggro said in MTG B&R Update Incoming!:

Not to turn this into a B&R thread cause i believe there is a dedicated thread for that, but why "Yay"? I thought people were pretty happy with the current format.

I’d rather watch paint dry than play the current format.

More precisely, I’ve been watching FF7 speed runs .

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Old school is more my pace these days. I prefer the less competitive approach, more stylistic and nostalgic cards, and the idea that I don’t have to continuously play test new cards. There are already so many new cards that I haven’t even read.

There are not many convenient players For old school but that actually works well! I can focus all of my free time on family and business. And those events that do come up a couple times a year feel more precious.

I don’t really feel the competitive desire to even attempt vintage lately. I tried out Starcraft 2, and I was terrible at it. I was trying to at least be good in some capacity, but if I made some small error at the beginning the game was over. To play Vintage online, I feel like I have to be like that Starcraft player and never make a mistake and continuously practice. It’s a huge time investment for what feels like a coin flip in a lot of situations.

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That’s my take on it as well. I’ve spent years thinking the game would revert back to what I enjoyed or that maybe I would find the right deck to catalyze a change, but when I take a step back and realize I’m playing with restricted cards like Mental Misstep and Gitaxian Probe against cards like Oko and Narset and they just keep printing newer and better cards it makes me rethink what I’m getting out of it.

The last match of Vintage I’ve ever played was against Dredge. Shortly into game 1 I just conceded the match because it just felt so scripted. I just flat out didn’t want to play.

Now when I observe Vintage games involving one person sitting idle while they other is chaining Outcomes together, it just reinforces my beliefs. I believe Outcome is probably an exciting deck for a Vintage newcomer, but there are only so many ways it can play out. There’s no “end game” so to speak. Sure you can “micro” cards like Null Rod against PO or Tormod’s against Breach and say “look these strategies are beatable”; but it’s not even about having the capacity to beat oppressive strategies, it’s about having the capacity for fun.

There’s nothing wrong with the game but I have trouble with finding fun with it right now. I’m glad I can at least vent about it.

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I logged into MTGO today. I updated the client and sold a couple cards to make sure I have 30 tix to play in the challenge. I was about to load Shockwave's UR Landstill but I caught myself in the act. Good thing too, I would have set myself up for a miserable day and waste a lot of time in the process. Something within me wants to play Vintage. My heart says yes but my brain says no. My fiance would have been upset with me if she saw the client window open. I'm glad I caught myself. There's just some alluring aspect, as if there is a chance the games will in someway be enjoyable, but I know they won't. I know it will just end in misery and my life would be worse. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

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@wfain said in Tassa's oracle:

Why not just play a few of these in your Doomsday decks? Maybe even 4? It’s a fine spell on its own.

Against Dredge, Shops, and DPS a resolved Doomsday is GG. Thassa makes the win slightly less conditional. (it opens up a couple of rare situations in which you wouldn’t be able to win with Lab Man) Playing more Thassa doesn’t really accomplish anything. It would be like playing 4 Tendrils in a DPS deck or 4 Blightsteel in a Tinker deck.

Doomsday struggles against decks like BUG and Xerox, which is why it’s really missing 4 Gush. You can’t play good enough card advantage spells to keep up with Planeswalkers. By using Planeswalkers or something like Arcanist to play the card advantage game, you’re having to sacrifice Doomsday components and go back to losing to Dredge/DPS/Shops for not much improvement against Xerox. Playing 4 Thassa in this situation would actually make you worse against all decks since it’s just a 1/3 with a scry ability.

By playing Doomsday you’re not playing the game WotC wants you to play and you’re bound to lose to the power creeped cards that aren’t applicable to your strategy.

Doomsday had been a deck that was good for its ability to battle toe to toe with other tier 1 blue decks. It just doesn’t have the draw power anymore to keep up. You can start with Ritual Necro or Ancestral, but the odds aren’t in favor. I’ve played Doomsday in numerous online and paper (NYSE) events in 2019. It feels like it has potential but it’s an uphill battle.

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I think if Vintage remained strictly a paper format like Old School, it would have continued to feel special. We can only hope that the format gets lost in the transition to Arena. It doesn't solve the other issues such as a critical mass of free counterspells, planeswalkers, and overpowered hatebears but it might be the best thing possible for Vintage moving forward.

I’m more excited about picking up a beta Icy Manipulator than I am for any possible new border card. The new cards are just too ugly on so many levels.

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It’s not even the Planeswalkers as much as it is needing to relearn the format every 3 months and/or having to sit still while the opponent takes a 20 minute PO turn. WotC doesn’t know how to make cards anymore.

I played old school yesterday and had a blast. I lost to Armageddon and couldn’t have been more content.

I observed people playing Dredge vs. PO and I guess I just don’t see the draw to that kind of format. When I originally discovered Vintage it was cool to see Stax vs. Control Slaver. Now it’s PO vs. Dredge. Where’s the incentive to be part of that?

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Yes I’ve played it a lot recently. I usually have gone 5-2 with it in the challenges. It’s great against decks like DPS and Dredge but not good against BUG due to lack of card advantage to keep up with whatever the opponent is doing. It needs 4 Gush.

Otherwise this style of deck is just dead since Hasbro just wants it to be a planeswalker game.

Rip real magic

Honestly I don’t see myself playing vintage for my own pleasure ever again unless there are drastic changes made. There are a lot more interesting games out there that deserve some love instead of this crap. Everything that once enticed me to play is now gone.

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This card is better than Lab Man, but Doomsday really just wants 4 Gush.

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This doesn’t even begin to erase that awful card type from the format. I’m glad they’ve admitted there is a problem though. It costs a lot of mana for one. It might not be lethal to planeswalkers and it doesn’t reverse the advantage they already got.