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**“The concept derives from @Smmenen talking about his approach to beating PO via Jeskai (via podcast i believe). His summary was, and hopefully is, not to beat PO via stony silence/null rod, but perhaps attacking the artifacts 'on the field'. Thus his SB features Fragmentise rather than SSilence.

As a Jeskai player is that correct?“**

I don’t know the deck that you’re talking about, but

I think artifact removal could be better against PO than Stony Silence because they pick up card advantage and remove the opponents ability to draw cards from PO. You also don’t turn off your own mana sources in the process.

But Stony Silence is pretty good against Outcome. Sometimes you need something like that just to stay in the game. Id probably play both Stony Silence and artifact removal against PO.

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@moorebrother1 said in Eternal Weekend / Vintage Champs thread:

@13nova Outcome is the only reason I even like Vintage right now. Mentor needs to be banned along with all of the delve spells. We will see how it all plays out.

There was like two or three Xerox decks in the top 30 of the last Vintage challenge. The meta looks very healthy; with like 4-5 competitive blue decks and nothing standing out as the very best deck.

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I would try a list that doesn’t force the Tendrils kill to happen all in one turn. And instead uses the lifegain to keep going with Necropotence. Depending on the speed of the format, can look into Cabal Coffers, Lake of the Dead, and Consume Spirit. And also some multi-function black creature that can either attack for those final points of damage or have some kind of useful ability in the meta; maybe similar to Hypnotic Specter.

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So can play Cabal Ritual, Tendrils, Necro, Yawgmoth’s Will, Lotus Petal. Let’s build storm!

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Brainstorm + Fetchland
“Sac then tap” (smokestack and tangle wire)

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Maybe then UR aggro is too slow for Vintage rather than Preordain being the one too slow.

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The flavor text on this card is pretty wild. Has a magic card ever referenced an earthly beverage before?

Is the coffee grown in the city?

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Empty and Mentor are good, but there are a lot of options in straight UB for playing around hate cards. Other than blue's bounce spells and Tinker, black has a strong creature game with cards like Pack Rat and Phyrexian Obliterator. I like to just play whatever I think my opponents will be the least prepared for.

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I think @Smmenen wrote a SCG article a long time ago about a tournament of decks from the different eras of Vintage. GAT won I believe.

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@moorebrother1 said in Xantcha, Sleeper Agent:

This may fit awkwardly into Oath of Druids.

Yeah it would help you to Trigger Oath