@sodoyouwearacape said:

Thank god we got another token generator for Gush decks... it's been too long!

More seriously, how much better is this than Talrand? While he might not give you X/X tokens, isn't the average power of guys you're creating more or less the same? With Talrand, your Probes and Preordains can become 2/2 fliers, rather than 1/1s. As it's the low CMC stuff that makes up the backbone of the Gush shell, I suspect that might be more relevant than than living the dream of triggering this with a Delve spell (though Gush and FoW are obviously nice).

The recursion is nice of course, but probably not necessary given the prevalence of tiny Jace and/or Snapcaster.

I dunno. Not convinced. But hey, that's never stopped me playing a fun-of before...

The big difference is that your token generator isn't a dude. That has pro's and con's. If Talrand for example was a 2UU Enchantment that would confer benefits and drawbacks.