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I am interested in a metagame that is better balanced, and that relegates OP cards to one-ofs. In the long term, I have hopes that the DCI will point the format in that direction.

In the interim, there will be conflict, as (1) as the DCI comes to realize that this isn't like any other format they've regulated, and that different rules apply, and (2) the players recognize their pet decks are subject to the same rules as the rest of magic the gathering. Although a lot could go wrong, this has the potential to move us towards a more competitive and engaging format. And I support that.

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This is disappointing . I would not have done anything, as we are still resolving the effects of the chalice restriction, but I have repeated ad nauseum that if they intended to restrict lodestone, then they should also restrict gush, and probably dark petition.

That WotC wanted to restrict lodestone is not unreasonable, but that they did not follow through against other cards betrays a misunderstanding of the metagame. Now it is quite possible (even likely) Gush and Storm are the new meta, and although it will be refreshing, it is not an improvement.

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databane on MTGO. I live in the NE, and can play shops, dredge, storm, and various blue decks. Add me as a friend; we can test.