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I think it's all ridiculous. I wish I could be Bill Gates and just buy all the cards and give them to players and not speculators, for free.

Library from $300 to $800 in a month. Moat from $300 to $600, Tabernacle TCG Mid is $1,500 now??? Even though they are fake values, price memory is ridiculous and now the dealers will raise all their prices.

The whole reserved list situation just sucks. I wish they could just create some type of legal proxy that would let people play. MTGO isn't enough.. I'll admit, I'm a moderate so I'm in no way trying to say we should "Feel the Bern" with Magic, but it's just becoming too out of reach.

Long-live Proxy Tourneys I guess!!!

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The best way to do it is look at your collection, come up with a number ($15K?$20K?), and then just stick to your guns until you get what you are happy with. Expecting to price individually and not get offers at only 50 to 60% of it will be tough, especially since the Old School market has cooled down and most likely wont pick up again until March/April/Tax Season in the US. I can quickly flip through my "brag book" and quote a number that I'd part with the cards for; it's all just cardboard anyways right? 🙂

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@walking.dude maybe this is just my interpretation, but I thought the idea of the conversation was that maybe the format needed something unrestricted that was a bit broken, so that at least there was something not shops, not mentor, that was an option; same idea with the Flash unrestriction, but maybe that was just how I digested the information. while that might lead to some rock/paper/scissors match-ups, it may be better than the 2-deck format that everyone is talking about on trying to solve...

I really enjoy these podcasts; i currently subscribe to 12 podcasts, 3 or 4 are magic related, and this is the one I look forward to the most. Great job as always Steve & Kevin!

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I'm at a point in my life where being able to play Magic is a luxury that I can't afford to do with drama involved. I deleted my Twitter account and Reddit account that I was primarily using for Magic related topics, because the Magic "culture" portrayed on those channels isn't the Magic that I encounter in real life, with this Left vs Right culture war permeating everything online. The internet of the late 90s seemed so much more exciting for us Magic players, now it's hard for me to stay interested in any social media because it so easily falls off track.

I'll stick to the Vintage Facebook group and this website, and other sites like Eternal Central for my article fix.. I mostly lurk on both of them, but at least they don't have all the drama on them (well, not as much drama, i'd say).

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@wretchedcamel I think the only place he can be played might be 93/94. I had a goofy Living Plane/Tim/Instill Energy deck put together for 93/94 that was able to squeak out a few matches but only after playing the long game as a control deck. I might try again and bring it to the Eternal Central Event this year. At least i'd score a few creativity points.

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Hi there! I don't live anywhere near you but i'm hopeful for your event's success. I was curious where you had these playmats purchased from? These looked a lot nicer than inkedgaming and we're exploring playmats for our old school group. thanks for your time!!!!

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No changes, and no commentary on thought process this time around.

Next announcement will be October 1st, 2018.

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Interesting suggestion. I have to be honest, I've never looked at the thumbs and went straight to the topic title but maybe it just goes to how different people visually process things in their mind, who knows...

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@Gumgod The thought was to play it with blue so I had Counterspell as somewhat of a back-up plan but might be tough to get double-blue online. Since the Eternal Central rules allow Collectors edition, I picked up the Power 9 so I'll have that available. If anything, I guess it will be fun to just get some matches in.

@ topicalisland probably $1,500 or less in additional spending by the time eternal weekend comes around. have a vacation in between now and then that is tying up some cash. i do have the power 9 , biggest thing missing would be workshops...

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Can't find Painter's Servant so not sure can say it's better than Imperial Recruiter. In D&T, will be useful...

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So excited for this. Got through the first hour on the way home from work tonight. 35 minutes on Sanctum Prelate and only 4 minutes on Recruiter of the Guard? The suspense is killing me!!!

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Seems too conditional that it needs another creature for the sac option. Could never see playing this over Grisel....

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Had a blast playing paper vintage for the first time since 2010. Ended up 2-2 but great group of guys you have playing there and nice mix/metagame. I'll be sure to make it to more events in Ohio; the drive from the Burgh wasn't too bad...

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Re. 1), plan to be there all day and at least 9/10 rounds if you want to play the whole thing. This also depends on, for example, what record you'd have to make you consider dropping. I plan on staying in regardless of how poorly I'm doing, as I'm a fairly novice vintage player and am just happy for the opportunity to use my cards.

Re: 3.), all of the side events are now posted at

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I bought the "First 10 Years" but I've fallen behind. Need to get caught up soon!